EUSSR’s Latest Threats to Sovereignty AND Open Government

EUObserver 4/5 reports that European Central Bank Director Mario Draghi has racked up the pressure on what little independence the subject states of the EUSSR still enjoy.


Mario Draghi – Even Looks Like Barroso!

How do we see ourselves in 10 years from now …We want to have a fiscal union? We have to accept the delegation of fiscal sovereignty from national to some form of central [government],” he said.

So yet another push for supranational control over every one of the historic nations of Europe ! Do these people never learn?

The answer is clearly no, and that, of course, is why they fear democracy.



That was why they bullied Greece into giving up the plan to consult the people in a referendum, and why Holland and France, having given the wrong answer in their EuroCon referenda, have never been permitted a free vote by Dutch or French citizens again. Nor will they be…unless Hollande meant business during the campaign.

That is why they are addicted to clandestine manoeuvres, in blatant contravention of their own Lisbon Treaty’s commitment to open government. On April 12th, EUObs also reported that ‘ most member states and EU institutions are keen to draw a new veil of secrecy over how they appoint top officials and enforce EU law.’ and that they are working on news plans to curb public access!

ClientEarth leaked a secret EUSSR memo outlining their secrecy schemes and a ClientEarth lawyer says unless documents are made public while the procedure is ongoing, people cannot understand what their government is really accused of doing wrong and civil society cannot monitor if EU officials are really enforcing laws or just cutting deals for everybody to save face.


Juncker – ‘I am for secret, dark debates!’


But that’s precisely what the Politburo wants. It’s the Juncker Doctrine, alive and well. That archetypal arrogent EuroCrat Jean Claude Juncker’s taste for mendacity was highlighted recently here on RRA.

On 4th May the UK Express exposed yet more ‘behind closed doors’ machinations. viz.  Tory Foreign Office minister Lord Howell of Guildford said: “We are aware of one group of EU foreign ministers meeting on an informal basis to discuss a variety of issues related to the future governance of the EU. While the UK is not part of that group, we understand that one idea under discussion is a merger of the positions of president of the European Council and president of the European Commission.”

That’s ‘one idea’ – which would obviously affect the UK, so why are Brits not being told what these plotters are up to? Why isn’t Howell demanding full answers from his EU ‘partners? Won’t they tell him?

‘One idea’ – so what are the others?

Informal? Are they meeting in their capacity as private citizens of their respective countries? Hardly! Or as Foreign Ministers? If the latter, are they reporting back to their respective parliaments? Not bl##dy likely!

And only last week, Barroso demonstrated his empathy – no surprise, for he is a (former?) communist himself – with the totalitarian guest he was wheeling and dealing with behind closed Brussels doors.



“The EU institutions allow Russian and Chinese authorities to dictate who may and who may not be allowed to attend press conferences or whether a press conference will be held at all,” Ann Cahill, the vice-president of the International Press Association (API) in Brussels, said at the commission’s regular press briefing on Thursday (3 May).

“I would like to protest at this behavior and formally request President Barroso to hold a press briefing after his meeting with his Chinese visitors,” she added, prompting a round of applause from international correspondents in the EU headquarters.

Of course that won’t happen. The EUSSR is anti-democratic to the core and no more inclined towards free media or open government than it is towards real consultation among Europe’s peoples.