Which Psycho Brute Can Brighten YOUR Local Airport?

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Four Murderous Brutes  – Who’s On Display at Reno, Nevada?


Amazingly, the latest trend in airport decor is to display a portrait of a blood-stained psycho!

As is often the case, the fad started in the USA but no doubt will spread across the Atlantic soon, and thence to the world at large.

The American airport in question is in Nevada, and here’s the bozo who says the tribute to multiple homicide SHALL NOT BE REMOVED!


Tribune/Dan McGee - On Monday Brian Kulpin, director of marketing and public affairs for the Airport Authority, had the unenviable task of announcing layoffs and buyouts, among other cuts and salary freezes, that will affect 17 percent of the staff.

Brian Kulpin, director of marketing and public affairs, Reno-Tahoe Airport – if he worked at JFK, we’d no doubt see a portrait of Osama!
Obviously, he’d exclude boring brutes, however bestial, who were not in with the in-crowd.
It’s gotta be somebody cool, regardless of how many deaths of innocents that somebody was responsible for. 
So which of the above monsters do you think he’s got on his airport wall? 
A Peter Sutcliffe, the Moors Murderer? (UK)

B Charles Manson? (USA)

C Che Guevara? (Argentina)

D Gerry Adams? (Eire)
Well, I’m not gonna tell you!
Personally, I think a graceful early retirement might be in order for Kulpin.
As for the airport employee who created this tribute to mass-murder, perhaps what our pinko readers would term a ‘sensitivity training course?’
Or prompt dismissal?