Java Islamists Demand – “Shut Down Catholic Pilgrim Centre!” – Hizbut Tahrir Link

Yet another outbreak of Islamist bigotry, and Central Java Police felt the need to deploy 100 officers to guard the home of a Catholic priest.

The JP reported yesterday that ‘several Islamic organizations reportedly threatened to use force to close the Catholic pilgrimage complex in Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul, in Yogyakarta for its alleged use by Christians for proselytization. More than 100 police officers from Klaten, Central Java, were deployed to safeguard the house of a priest in the nearby town of Wedi, whose parish manages the pilgrimage site.

Happily, there was a no-show from the forces of darkness, and I was happier still to read in that the Regent of the area has blamed outsiders for causing nurest.

VIVAnews – Gunungkidul Regent, Badingah, said Gunung Kidul is currently in a state of calm. Social tensions related to development in  Gedangsari Maria Cave, according to him, came from outsiders..”The people of GK are at ease with the construction of the Mary Cave,” he said, Tuesday, May 8.



However, I doubt that’s the end of it.

Such is the climate of intimidation imposed across Indonesia by fanatics that the priest, when talking to journos, ‘declined to be identified for fear of reprisals.’

It’s the same old jihadist jig they’re dancing. The priest said that the problem began…when Muslims asked if the pilgrimage site was built without a permit.

Just like HKBP in Tambun, whose rights were upheld by the courts, but are still denied their church.

Supreme Court – Treated with contempt by Islamists
Just like Yasmin Church in Bogor, where the Supreme Court upheld their permit, but the Islamists still block access – with the complicity of Parliament, the Police, and the Presidential Advisory Committee, who all yap on about ‘mediation’ between bigots and law-abiding citizens.

The priest said that he told the people at the meeting that the church had been waiting for a permit to be issued for three months. “However, all of a sudden, an issue was raised that the site was being used as a proselytization camp.”

The priest said that at a subsequent ‘public sermon’ the crowd was told that ‘the truth about the proselytization rumors had to be determined ! and ‘representatives’ were assigned to ‘inspect’ the centre.

What rot. They don’t give a tinker’s cuss about permits. They pluck out any threadbare excuse to smash down minorities. And rarely if ever do the authorities intervene!

Yogyakarta Police spokeswoman Adj. Sr. Comr. Anny Pudjiastuti confirmed that a public sermon had been organized near Gedangsari by the Indonesian Mujahideen Council (MMI); the FPI; and Kokam, the youth wing of Muhammadiyah; among others. Pudjiastuti said the police had not received reports of proselytization or of attempts by vigilantes to seal off the site.

But the cops must have heard SOMETHING, to send 100 officers to guard the priest. And it says a lot about ‘moderate’ Islam here if the nazis had the collaboration of the youth wing of the second largest ‘mainstream moderate’ Muslim group in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah!

So in line with our wish to get the facts on this, we turned to the website Voice of islam, which, to be clear, is about as hostile to what RRA stands for as can be.

And it turns out there were far MORE bigot groups involved than mentioned in the above report.


 Hizbut fanatics – ‘Erase Israel’


VOI admits that not only  Kokam and MMI were into it, but also notorious extremists like Hizbut Tahrir and the FUI.

Mention of the CaliphoFascist Hizbut made me scan wider, and it turns out that some weeks ago, according to ‘

“Initially, about two weeks ago tabloid ‘Media Umat’ belonging to the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tharir Indonesia (HTI) wrote a provocative article opposing the presence of Gua Maria,” said Theophilus Bela, Secretary General of Religions for Peace Indonesia yesterday.

Theophilus Bela

He explained that the article was titled “Christianization pretext Tourist Attractions” as published in the tabloid the People Media Edition April 20 to May 3, 2012, page 14.

So the HTI are up to their necks in this, that grouo so extreme that they’re outlawed in many Muslim lands, and have been threatened with a ban in the UK by Cameron (though of course he’s failed to act)
The same article reminds us that in Vovember 2010 a homemade bomb was found in the Cave, and on December 14th last year, blasphemous primitives vandalized the Cave’s statues of the Virgin Mary and the angels.


The VOI story is headed ‘Rejection by Muslims of the presence of Gua Maria Giri Wening continues.

It unequivocally brands the site a ‘Christianisation Centre.’
So much for their hogwash claims that the issue is ‘permits!’ Clearly it’s down to their pathetic sectarian insecurity.;

Their dateline is 6th May and the report confirms the Regent’s words, outsiders on the scene, with ‘Islamic organizations not only from Klaten but from Yogyakarta, Solo and surrounding areas.’

The gathering also included two ‘former Catholic activists.’

So who’s been proselytising?!?


One of the ‘ex-Catholics Addressing the Throng


‘Once the study session was completed, Sampang Community Forum and Islamic organizations in attendance expressed their attitude of objection to the existence of the Cave of Maria Giri Wening…. On the other hand the security forces stood ready to close the road to the location of the Cave. Units of the nearest police station and the fire brigade were deployed around the study site.

The Islamist reporter claims that the area was actually targeted by missionaries from 2006 after the earthquake that hit Yogyakarta and Klaten. Maybe so, but his next claim makes anything he says risible.

As is known, the target of the Christian mission is to become the majority population in Indonesia by 2020!

Give us a break!

He goes on to claim that the Christians cheated on the offical permission to build a park. He alleges they also ‘manipulated’ the required signatures of citizens!


 FUI, Another Hate-Group


So the Gedangsari Gunungkidul Sampang Community Forum, with support of Islamic organizations like Kokam, Banser, MMI, HI, FUI, HTI, FKAM, Jamaat Hizbollah and others demand the government to immediately reclaim the Cave of Maria Giri Wening. And with that ineffable Islamist hypocrisy, they say their demand ‘was made to anticipate the occurrence of friction between the groups!

In fact, it is very clear they must be worried their unique brand of bigotry is risking defections. If Muslims up there agreed to the Maria Cave, they are obviously not the sort that adhere to Hizbut Tahrir and the FUI.  Such fanatics flocking into their rural area might just leave them susceptible to conversion – that’s the fear, perhaps unrealistic, but a fear stoked by their own backward bigotry.

We’ll return to this again next week.


Another blow to religious liberty for Catholics here is the news from Aceh, where a blitz on Christian houses of worship has seen 16 closed down this month alone, on the usual specious grounds of ‘permits!  The board of the Catholic Guidance in Kampong Nagapaluh, Singkit District, has sent a letter to  the Aceh Provincial Ministry of Religious Affairs.”We are very upset, why only now is our undung-undung closed? Why not long ago? It has been standing since 1974. Why after 38 years, iis it newly closed by the government? “

More on that soon too.