Wicked Week – IslamoNazis Amok Last Night, Again, No Arrests!

Here we go again! Islamonazis break the law with impunity, this time in Jogjakarta, yesterday.

On Sunday we covered (sympathetically) the case of the Canadian author whose planned address to a private discussion group in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, was cut short after police ordered a shut-down. Their excuse was that the meeting had no permit, and she was a foreigner.


The writer, Irshad Manji, of whom I don’t think I had ever previously heard, is a lesbian and that was what provoked the FPI’s disapproval, which in turn got the cops involved.
As I said yesterday, she has a right to speak, though I suspect I’d not like what she has to say, and so the behaviour of the police is an embarrassment.
True, foreigners are – quite rightly in my view – not allowed to take part in political activity here, but she was there at the Slaihara meeting to launch her book! All present were grown-ups, free to listen or go home, no compulsory indoctrination like the Ontario schools aim to inflict on defenceless pupils.

Incidentally, another ‘scandal,’ that the highly reputed University of Gajah Mada has cancelled an Irshad meeting is hardly a scandal, unless they were bullied and harassed into so doing. Maybe they just don’t like her ‘progressive’ point of view, and they are hardly obliged to provide a platform for everyone who comes along.

But last night’s havoc unleashed in a small bookstore where Manji was meeting fans is something else.



Not the FPI this time, but another Islamist thug gang, the Indonesian Mujahidin Council(MMI) ‘attacked participants,’ after they ‘broke down the door’ and ‘vandalized properties of the publisher’s office and tore sheets of Irshad’s books that were displayed for sale.

The MMI said Irshad’s so-called liberty and lesbianism propaganda was blasphemous toward Islam and that her teachings represented covert atheist propaganda.

You’ll note from our post last nght on the persecution of Catholics that the MMI is involved in the suppression of religious liberty too. Nasty jihadist hoodlums, for sure.
And throughout what must have been a terrifying experience for the victims of the mob, not a single cop put in an appearance.


Needless to say all these shenanigans have resulted in an outcry, though the cops are now saying they weren’t doing the FPI’s bidding last weekend.
However, one wonders. The Jakarta Globe had this It was evident that police had prior knowledge of the FPI’s intent to harass people attending the discussion. Minutes before the FPI broke in, police ordered the event to be disbanded. “Police said that they would not provide protection if the discussion continued,” Salihara program manager Ening Nurjanah said.

Wahid Institute spokesman Ahmad Suaedy blamed President SBY directly.
“These people know that the President always has doubts and has little courage to take action.”  Jakarta Post, Tuesday
The Irshad story gets splashed across the front page, top story, no less, and yes, what happened was wrong.

But tucked away inside, on page 2, there’s the much more chilling tale of what went down in Tambun, West Java, yesterday, vicious mob violence by Islamist savages, one of whom recently issued a clear death threat, ignored by police.

The JP quoted one Christian worshipper, Nurmida Bintang, that police ‘warned her to leave immediately “for her life!” but did nothing when the mob broke a rear-view mirror on her motor-cycle.’


As the HKBP church’s lawyer observed, “It’s a public road and the church is the rightful owner of the land. They have no right banning the church-goers from entering their own property.”


  HKBP inTambun, Bekasi


And to whom was the lawyer referring? Not just the rabble, but the security forces, the Satpol PP militia, some 400 of whom were just as guilty as the Islamist thugs in that they ‘forced Christian worshippers to leave the church.’


Satpol PP Militia – Enforcers for islamist Primitives?

The local community may not all be evil fanatics, but their spokesman, a ‘cleric,’ of course, certainly is –

“They can pray anywhere they like, but not in our village.” That’s Naimun, who master-minded the mobbing last month when one of his ‘Shariah Jugend’ swine threatened to murder the pastor. Naimun justifies this bigotry by telling the JP that only ‘two Christian families live near the church.’

So? Not much fun for them, to live cheek by jowl with swine like Naimun, but what have numbers got to do with it?
A pro-tolerance activist was surrounded by IslamoNazi rabbles, assaulted and had his t-shirt ripped off, finally rescued by security personnel who, however, failed to arrest EVEN ONE of the hoodlums.

And the JP revealed even more discrepancies between the victim’s account of his ordeal at IslamoNazi hands and what the Police choose to tell us.

Tantowi said he filed his report with the National Police following what he said were inaccurate statements made by Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto.




Rikwanto previously said that Tantowi was not assaulted, but was “almost hit”, because he wore a “provocative” t-shirt, and that a group of people who attacked Tantowi did not come from any particular mass organization.

Tantowi said he gave police a hospital report listing the injuries and trauma he sustained from the FPI on Sunday.

“The medical record says I sustained trauma from blunt force,” he said.
To me, that is a MUCH bigger story than the lesbian’s.
Okay, it’s a matter for editorial judgement, but it does raise questions.

In Tambun, gross dereliction of duty is a regular occurrence.

A death threat to a pastor, police present, no action.

An assault on a journo, police present, no action.

Constant disregard of the law by local officials, and the police do NOTHING to uphold the law, content, as their colleagues outside the equally persecuted Yasmin Church in Bogor, to serve as impartial umpires between thugs and the thugs’ victims.

That should be the top story every week, in every paper, and here on RRA it will be – every week, at least once a week, and sometimes more often. Collaborationist expats can snipe away at our ‘repetitious’ words – they don’t give a damn for Indonesia, only concerned that their grubby little businesses might suffer if too much trouble is caused.

This should be everyone’s top story, until the entire state apparatus, from President SBY to the lowliest apparatchik, takes up the challenge and ensures that these Christians get the right to worship the Indonesian Constitution guarantees.

But instead the media, Jakarta Globe as well as the Post, seem to be giving much more space to Irshad, whose treatment was out of order, but nothing like as wicked as that meted out to Christians every week.