C’mon,Cameron – Purge Pinko Police, Stand Up For Britain, Hang These Monsters!

The charges, relating to offences in and around Rochdale in 2008 and 2009, included rape, trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation and conspiracy.

However, the police and social services have been accused of ‘betraying’ the victims after failing to bring the case of Girl A, the first victim, despite her initial cry for help back in August 2008.

Former Labour MP for Keighley, Ann Cryer, hit out at an ‘absolute scandal’, claiming the police were afraid to act in case they were labelled racist, reports The Daily Telegraph.

“This is an absolute scandal,” said Mrs Cryer. “They were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.”

So it takes a retired LABOUR politician to tell Brits what ‘Cast-Iron’ Cameron should be owning up to!

But what about this? from the Guardian, 20th May, 2004 EIGHT YEARS AGO!
Channel 4 has pulled a documentary about Bradford social workers dealing with child abuse from its schedule tonight after local police warned the programme could inflame racial tension in the city.

The network, which normally takes great pride in its reputation for stirring up controversy, has made the self-censorship move “as a responsible broadcaster” and because of “exceptional circumstance”, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said.

Channel 4’s documentary, Edge of the City, focuses on a wide range of cases handled by Bradford social services, including child abuse involving Asian men targeting young white girls, which was of particular concern to West Yorkshire police.

Pinko Pigs – Fire Them!
These cops are criminally dangerous, irresponsible to the worst degree, and Cameron should have them rooted out and publicly named and shamed!

And while we know that there must be decent British criminals currently behind bars who might do us all a favour and solve the eight problems pictured at the top of our page, it’s the GOVERNMENT which should be doing its duty.
There is no other penalty but the death penalty that’s suitable for these sort of monsters.
Cameron should stop skulking like a rat behind the European Court and stand up for Britain.

PS Before you left-libs comment, I know it won’t happen. It would require retrospective legislation, which since the Burmah Oil row decades ago is unpopular. It was done in the case of the men who killed Stephen Lawrence but then that was…different…how?

Unless…unless…Cameron grew a backbone, dissolved parliament, and fought an election on a platform of law reform based on common-sense conservatism. He’d win.
But no, that back-bone is the snag….so it won’t happen!