‘Off With His Head!’ – Jakarta Cops – No Sweat on Murder Threat!

As you wake today, weary from a Saturday night out, spare a thought for the persecuted Christians in Tambun, West Java, who face the choice of trying to worship at their illegally sealed church or bowing to Islamist intimidation. And always they trust their pastor to guide them. He leads from the front.


Pastor Palti


It’s been TEN DAYS now since Pastor Palti of the HKBP Church went to Jakarta Police HQ and filed a report on the threats by Islamist thugs to murder him.


Jakarta City Police HQ


After worship, the congregation was then confronted by the mob. That’s when the death threats were levelled against Palti.
“My head would be cut off if I continue to worship next week. The stalker also demonstrated how to chop off my head. He said he was not afraid of jail,” he explained.  Media Indonesia 9/5

Ten days, in which the Jakarta Police distinguished themselves by cancelling a concert because, as their own spokesman said “We are Muslim..”

As mentioned here on RRA already, the threats were caught on camera, video no less, and have been seen around the world, thanks to RRA and other bloggers. Here’s the link, again.   


So they’ve also been available for inspection by Jakarta Police.

Tambun, Bekasi, West Java, is not an impenetrable jungle (though admittedly many of its residents appear to resemble the wild beasts that dwell therein) – it’s easy  to get to ( I’ve been there myself, used to shop in the market when I lived in Bekasi) and there have been plenty of cops out there.




Not all of them surely suffer from the myopia of the local Police Chief Andri Ananta, who on Ascension Day was fully aware that islamonazi scum drove Pastor Palti’s congregation from the church that has been ruled their legitimate place of worship, yet declared ‘there was no clash.’ 

And yet…

There has been not a single report of any arrest in any of the media here, so one can safely assume no arrest has been made.

After all, for the local cops to take any kind of serious action against Islamist evil-doers would be headline news, as news-worthy as Obama telling Americans the truth about his past.