Indonesian Cops and HMV – Concert Allowed, If Islamist Bigots Approve!

Yesterday I had the misfortune to be watching TV when the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI (Indonesian Council of Ulema) appeared, expressing their abhorrence of the moral threat posed by Lady Gaga.

Late last night we had news footage of the subversive enemies of democracy known as Hizbut Tahrir posing pompously to express similar sentiments.



It’s all becoming a wee bit boring, the whole debate, if you can call it that –  of course it’s important, and if the cops do ban the concert, it will show the whole world who’s running this country. And it ain’t the cops, bet on it – it’s who pulls their strings.

In fact the cops seem to be intent on exposing their puppet-status all by themselves, if yesterday’s report in the Jakarta Post is accurate.

The National Police said Tuesday they would issue a concert permit for Gaga — as long as the promoters got recommendations from the Religious Affairs Ministry and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).


Suryadharma Ali, Minister of Religious Affairs, AKA Archbigot of Jakarta


Have they no shame? Relinquishing decisions that are defined by statute as police powers to an irrelevant Ministry run by the most intolerant ranter in Indonesia and a pack of fanatics who revel in the promotion of female circumcision?

Anyway, if the National Police mean what they are quoted as saying, then there will be no concert.

Kompas, yesterday –   “I as Minister of Religious Affairs and Chairman of the Task Force on the Prevention and Handling of Pornography, advise the Chief of Police not to give permission for Lady Gaga’s concert,” said Suryadharma.

And so say all the ‘scholars!’

So having given the forces of darkness a veto,  the National Police must bow down and do their bidding – or will they? Public anger is growing.

It’s just a pity the plight of persecuted Chrsitans here, not ot mention Ahmadis, does not provoke similarly widespread outrage at every level of society.


I imagine many readers are word-weary, especialy since most of them, I suspect, share my own abhorrence of the Gaga gal and, like me,  only support her right to appear here in Jakarta as a matter of free speech principles.

So I intend to give it a rest till next week, unless we get an iron-clad decision on the concert, to be or not to be.