A Brave, Good American Who Fought for Castro? Believe It Or Not!

You’ll have noticed that one of my regular topics is Cuba, and some of you wonder why – I’ve no connection to the country, and it is not much worse than other marxist despotisms, past and present.

I suppose it’s the people who are Castro’s sycophants that impel me to do whatever’s possible to remind readers what swine he and they are.



The thing is, they have no excuse for their collaboration with evil. Nothing good has come of Cuba’s long ordeal, and most of these people are not especially stupid, though to be fair some of them, Naomi Campbell, for instance, are stupid enough.


Notorious Liar Moore


Michael Moore, however, is no fool, so the only explanation for his treasonable conduct is simple badness. He hates his own country and lauds a regime in Havana that tortures and terrorises its opponents to preserve its control. Moore is just a fat rat.

Latin America’s last, and worst, tyrant may yet live long enough to face trial in a Free Cuba. Mind you, I’d be quite happy to see him and his nasty sibling share Ceausescu’s fate.

Having explained my feelings briefly, I only want you to read this excellent article in PJ Media.




It’s about an American guy called William Alexander Morgan, who went off to join Castro’s band in the mountains, because, brave but none too sharp, he believed Castro’s lies and thought the rebel leader was interested in creating a democratic state.

I’ll give you a taster from Ron Radosh’s review, and hope to get a copy of the book.

Two things strike the reader on the very first page of the article. The first is a large photo of Castro applauding Morgan at a Havana meeting in 1959, soon after his victory and the collapse of the Bastista government.

The second is the opening paragraph, in which Grann writes about the night in which the now 32-year-old man faced Castro’s firing squad at La Cabana, an 18th century stone fortress overlooking Havana’s harbor.

As Morgan stood waiting to be killed, one of Castro’s soldiers yelled out that he should kneel and plead for his life. Morgan answered: “I kneel for no man.”

The soldiers then shot him in the knee, forcing him to kneel, before they shot off his head in a blast of gunfire.


Morgan, unlike Moore, was an honourable man, who got it wrong and paid a terrible price for his error. Moore is a man without scruple, who knows his films and books are flawed, to put it mildly, and makes millions from the gullible who swallow his propaganda.

  It would be nice if Moore ended up like Morgan.