Canada, Britain…Now Denmark – At War with Enemy Aliens!


Khadr – Canadian? Hardly!


This just came through, very appropriately, given the Khadr controversy, on the Canadian Press!

The brothers were arrested late Monday, one in the western city of Aarhus and the other as he arrived by plane at Copenhagen’s international airport, Scharf said. PET did not say where the brother picked up at the airport had been travelling from.



The suspects are “Danish citizens of Somali origin” who have lived in Denmark for 16 years, PET said. The men cannot be named under a court ban.

The 23-year-old had been at a training camp in Somalia run by the Islamist militant group al-Shabab, which has links to al-Qaida, from Jan. 18 to Feb. 21, prosecutor Lone Damgaard said at a custody hearing.


Okay, they’re going on trial. The verdict and the sentence must await the deliberations of the courts.

But the point is, if they are found guilty, they should automatically cease to be citizens. Citizenship confers rights, but also duties. 

Anyone whose allegiance is to an external – usually, these days, sectarian – authority, whether it be a country, or an alien ideology like the  ummat, cannot in all seriousness be deemed Danish, or Canadian, or British.


London Muslim Protest 3

London 2006 – British? No Way, Passports or Not!

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Easily Identifiable – Deport Them!


Germany has home-grown savages too -AP 22/5  



Bonn-born Yassin Chouka, who is believed to be with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, calls for Muslims to kill Pro NRW members. Speaking in fluent German, Chouka urges the Salafists to move away from street confrontations where the risk of being arrested is too great. He instead tells them to target Pro NRW members at their homes and workplaces, “at best under cover of darkness.” “We should kill all the members of Pro NRW,” he said. He also said employees of Der Spiegel – which has printed photos of the demonstrations showing the Prophet Muhammad signs – and others in the media should be targeted.

Born in Germany, fluent in German, but who really thinks he’s German?

The same goes for every nation – France had a taste of enemy action in Toulouse recently, and happily the swine was shot. But that killer was not French.And there are plenty more like him in the banlieue!



It matters not where he was born, or what passport he might carry, such a creature MUST be considered an enemy alien, in the context of the war the West is engaged in.

There are loyal citizens in Canada, the  USA, Britain and no doubt Denmark, who are Muslim, and their organisations, like the Muslim Canadian Congress, have been praised here on RRA, but again, that’s the point. The MCC are Canadian first!

PM Harper described the enemy as Islamist, not people who worship in a certain way, but who extend that worship into a form of treason which puts solidarity with others of the same creed before solidarity with their own fellow-countrymen and women.