Hey, NU – Don’t Deny Your Intolerance! “Moderate” Islamists Blame Anyone But Themselves

TRIBUNNEWS.COM reported  29/5 that the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)  – usually described as the largest and most moderate Muslim organisation in Indonesia  – has ‘denied there is religious intolerance in Indonesia. NU also encourage dialogue together to resolve the misunderstandings.



Then last night, Metro TV had this story about Muzadi, NU’s top man!.


The President of the World Conference on Religions for Peace (WCRP) Hasyim Muzadi has asserted that Muslim-majority Indonesia has a high level of religious tolerance. “Going around the world, I have not found any Muslim country as tolerant as Indonesia….”

That might be described as damning Indonesia with faint praise! Oh, and here’s the man, shameless in the company he keeps.

Muzadi with Fuhrer Rizieq of the IslamoNazi FPI


Therefore, he deeply regrets the assessment of a number of member-states at the UN Human Rights Council, which named religious intolerance in Indonesia in the universal periodic review session II (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland. “As president of the WCRP, I greatly regretted those allegations of religious intolerance in Indonesia.



Let’s look back t0 28th March last year, when Cybernews.com reported under this headline.


Slamet Effendi Yusuf
NU said governors’ prohibition of Ahmadiyah had their support. This was delivered by the Vice Chairman of the NU, Slamet Effendi Yusuf, on Monday (28/3). According to Slamet, it is a local government authority to maintain order….NU boards in certain areas, for example in West Java, East Java, and Sumatra, strongly expressed support for the governors’ rule…he declined to say how many areas he was talking about.

“NU admins in Cirebon ask for Ahmadiyah to be disbanded because most felt there was a problem,” he said.

In the meantime, for areas where there were no gubernatorial regulations, it’s not a problem, but the aspirations of Muslims should be considered.


So what are we to make of this? Sure, the NU don’t advocate violence, but that is hardly the same as being in favour of tolerance! Tolerance means live and let live, not live and ban minority creeds.

Maybe there’s a split in the NU?


Muzadi says that Indonesia’s Muslim community will never want to see Indonesia become an Islamic republic because the nation-state is not founded on Islam, or any religion.
“Indonesia is a country that is not at all based on religion, nor is it a secular state,” Muzadi was quoted as saying in the Suara Pembaruan on April 20. “Our Muslim society has always been moderate, fair, and has always preserved religious diversities and pluralism. We have always preserved tolerance and religious harmony within the framework of NKRI, or the Unitary State of Indonesia.”  http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/commentary/no-room-for-religious-chauvinism-in-indonesia/514850

Great! The NU has forty million members who agree with those excellent sentiments. Or do they?

Or is it that there are some bad apples in the NU barrel, with an infantile prejudice against Ahmadis. No such sectarian hostility towards other religions, like Christianity, surely?

GET REAL, Muzadi!


I often take a short-cut through the mall pictured below,


gandacitr Gandaria City

When the local ignoramuses in Gandaria, South Jakarta, were up in arms that the new Gandaria City mall might actually allow a place for Christians to worship, tucked away somewhere in its vast spaces, which already included a Muslim prayer room ( I’ve passed that during shopping trips there)…

Whose name was on the bigots’ protest banner?



Yup. The NU! The bigot banner reads –

‘The Community and Citizens of the NU Reject a Church in Gandaria City!

But okay, maybe the NU only has a few brain-dead fanatics of that sort -though it hasn’t done anything about them, that I’ve heard of – and maybe its 40 million rank and file are sound moderates like Muzadi.

So why aren’t they out there throwing a ring of safety around Yasmin Church in Bogor and Filadelfia Church in Bekasi?

It would only need a few hundred, a thousand to make the point indubitable, and the GARIS and FORKAMI and FPI rat-bags would be faced down.

But it doesn’t happen, because apart from a few heroic Muslims like old Lily Wahid and her young NGO escorts, none of these ‘moderates’ cares enough to show up and resist those who drag the name of Islam through the mire.

In fact, Muzadi blames the Christians. Back to Metro’s report, above.
In the Yasmin, Bogor case, continued Hasyim, that cannot be the measure of Indonesia’s religious intolerance.  “I have been there many times, but it seems they do not want to get it settled. They would rather Yasmin became a national and international issue for their benefit, rather than the problem is solved,” he said.

What a nauseating piece of nonsense! The congregation has gone by the book, ruled in order by the Supreme Court and the Government Ombudsman. It would be settled tomorrow, if the state did its duty to uphold the law against Islamist criminality.

Meanwhile we wait and see if  Muzadi and the NU leadership take prompt ( or even belated) action to expel, or at least dissociate themselves from, the stinking bigotry of NU branches in Java and Sumatra, which the NU Vice-Chairman appeared to accept with equanimity, just because Ahmadiyah’s existence was a ‘problem.’

Ahmadiyah has NEVER been a problem – they don’t bother others, they get on with their worship peacefully.

The ‘problem’ is the brutal, backward intolerance of many Muslims, who can’t bear to hear, or even to be aware of, different interpretations of the Koran.

And again, yesterday Metro’s report.

If the measure is the problem of Ahmadiyah, Hasyim said, that’s because Ahmadiyah deviates from the basic teachings of Islam, but always uses a “rubber stamp” to call themselves Muslim and is politically oriented towards the West.

So? Being orientated towards the West may be attributable to the fact that the West doesn’t subject Ahmadis to an Inquisition.

In tolerant countries, any large or small group  can ‘deviate’ – AKA think for themselves  – and call themselves what they want, without being subjected to special laws, or to persecution, or to murder. How many brands of Christianity are there, some almost identical, some barely recognisable as Christian?
But that won’t do for the likes of Hasyim.

INTOLERANCE – flourishing at an NU branch near you!