Canada Waking Up to Multicult Nightmare?


The effects of multicult propaganda were visible in a poll published in Canada earlier this year, which I’ve only just noticed.

Last week I noted the excellent results of an Aussie survey in which the continuing crimmigrant menace has stirred up opinion and created a clear anti-immigration majority.

Immigration, per se, has always been a part of both countries, but in the past, immigration was based on what was good for the host nation – nowadays it often seems to depend on what the UN and its internationalist local lackeys think suitable.

According to a comprehensive survey by the respected Angus Reid organisation, we find that there is a clear divide among age-groups on what is happening to Canada.

Even so, the good news is that multicult is a minority fad, for nowadays ‘only three-in-ten believe the country should continue to be a mosaic…’

The pollsters defined the ‘mosaic’ idea as that of allowing aliens who settle in Canada to retain alien customs, as opposed to the ‘melting pot’ which expects new-comers to adapt to Canada. You can, after all, have a recognisable Canadian Canada or you can have a hundred or so foreign enclaves constituting a Canadian polity.

But ‘multiculturalism’ was entrenched in Canada’s constitutional arrangements thirty years ago, disseminated through every channel available to the state.

And look at the schizoid thinking this state brain-washing has produced.

Three-in-five Canadians (62%) think multiculturalism has been good for the country, including 72 per cent of respondents aged 18-to-34. However, more Canadians (58%) are likely to endorse the concept of the melting pot—immigrants assimilating and blending into Canadian society—than the mosaic (30%), where cultural differences within society are valuable and should be preserved.

So 62% give the Pablovian response inculcated into them from elementary school or earlier, that multicult is ‘good’ whereas, when the nature of multicult is made clear, 58% recognise its essentially unwholesome character.

Ever since the terrible Turdeau imposed multicult as the state ideology, children have been indoctrinated from kindergarten onwards that it is ‘part of Canada’s identity’ – which is almost a contradiction in terms.

The Pearson Bi-Bi policy, bi-culturalism, made more sense, but had antagonised the majority, so sly old Pierre came up with what seemed like a way around that – degrade the two founding cultures by levelling them to parity with every other culture the world has produced.  It wasn’t put quite like that, made to sound harmless, and came to pass, with disastrous results. Look at Toronto today!


But it is surely significant that citizens old enough to remember when Canada was  (outside Quebec) a healthy Anglo-Saxon society are those who take a dim view of immigration in general.


However, the best news of all is the common-sense that has prevailed against all the lies of the overwhelmingly left-lib media and the political and educational establishments –  only 23 per cent of respondents would allow illegal immigrants to stay in Canada and eventually apply for citizenship, while 50 per cent think illegal immigrants should be required to leave their jobs and be deported.


Again, younger Canadians – those who have grown up with the multicult myth and the steady poisonous drip-feed of a leftist educational/political establishment, are slow to open their eyes to the realities of crimmigrant lies and parasitism.

But the very fact of a substantial percentage among the young who think illegals – those who’d start their new life in Canada by criminal means – deserve nothing but a fast boot on their arrogant backsides, that shows there is an innate resistance to brain-washing.

What is needed is leadership. Jason Kenney showed signs of it, when he denouced the Roma bludgers.

“The growing number of bogus claims from European Union democracies is only exacerbating the problem,” he said. Kenney said that while many Roma face difficulties at home, they are not persecuted by the state. He said many came to Canada to abuse its “generous” welfare system. “To be perfectly honest with you, we have people showing up at … the airport where they make their asylum claim, asking where they can get their cheque from, their welfare cheque,” he said, referring to the growing Roma population.  National Post February 16th 2012

That’s truth-telling, long overdue and refreshing, from a senior government minister!

If Harper too would begin talking like he used to, when he was a real conservative voice, he could guarantee his next election victory – let him seize the day and begin deportations.

As usual, prompt invocation of the ‘notwithstanding’ clause would be required, to prevent the courts adopting their usual pro-‘enemy within’ posture.