Hari Pancasila – Not A Lot to Celebrate as Churches, Ahmadis, Remain Oppressed

Today is Hari Pancasila (Pancasila Day), a day to honour the Pancasila principles on which Indonesia was founded and which are sadly out of fashion among those who call the shots here!

The principles, as promulgated in the 1945 Constitution, comprise –

Belief in one God, Humanity, Indonesian unity, Democracy, and Social Justice.


Unity in Diversity – Indonesia’s National Motto

I won’t comment further, but I note in KOMPAS.com that ‘a number of people held a rally at the Majestik Roundabout in Medan, to celebrate Pancasila Day, by distributing flowers, blue peace ribbons, petitions for signature, and speeches…..

“Let’s go forward together toward an Indonesia with tolerance and without discrimination  in religion and beliefs,” said the head of the action, Purba Rico.


Pray for Yasmin

Islamonazi Snarls at HKBP Pastor


“Recently, we were surprised by the closure or sealing of several churches in Aceh Singkil, the chaotic situation of Yasmin Protestant Church in Bogor, and at HKBP Filadelfia Church in Bekasi, and with Shiites in Madura –  and Ahmadiyah is still in limbo with so much uncertainty,” he said.

  • Ahmadi Martyr

HKBP Sealed

“The question is, what of the role of the state which has responsibility…?”

A crowd originating from the Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI) Commissioner’s Faculty of Humanities University of North Sumatra demanded revision two Joint Letter to the Minister based on fairness and nondiscrimination.

They also demanded strict action against the perpetrators of omission (the state) and those guilty of arson, sealing, and destruction of houses of worship in Indonesia….other demands included asking the government to affirm and restore order to the nation and state in accordance with the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila.

In particular, the GMKI asked the government to ensure the safety of HKBP Filadelfia Church, GKI Yasmin, Shi’ites, and Ahmadis. “Create and enforce non-discriminationin the law, social justice for all people. We also asked the government to evaluate all existing discriminatory regulations in some areas. The purpose of all this is that Indonesia is peaceful, just, tolerant, and non-discriminatory.’ he said.

Everybody here in Indonesia knows what’s going on.

I have readers in nearly 100 countries. Now they know too!