Hats Off to Larry! UN-Common Sense, After UN Backs Taliban Terrorist Khadr.

It’s not every day that RRA sings the praises of a Canadian MP. The Opposition are unspeakable, and most of the Tories appear content to jump whenever Harper cracks his whip, which is not my idea of what democratic representatives should be doing!


  Larry Miller


But I have to say that Larry Miller, who represents an Ontario riding, has hit the nail on the head with his call for Canada to review what value Canadians get from the millions of dollars tax-payers have pumed into the UN over the years.

His wrath has been quite rightly provoked by the recent arrogant attemopts to interfere in Canada’s domestic affairs,  cheeky carping on both the handling of ‘war criminals’ and even on how ‘refugess’ are treated, and its outrageous espousal of the convicted terrorist Khadr’s cause. ( see Canoe.com 3rd June, ‘ the United Nations is chastising Canada over its treatment of Omar Khadr.’

——– Schutter


Some uppity clown named Olivier De Schutter, who no doubt gets paid a salary sufficent to feed hundreds, rejoices in the title of UN Rapporteur for Food, and had the gall to lecture Canada, in May, about the number of poor and hungry Canadians! It seems, according to Olivier’s twisted thinking, that Canada is ‘in violation of its international obligations,.’

Of course the Ontario MP is right to resent this, but there’s many another reason to dump the United Nations, not least because it is and always has been an organised hypocrisy, a bold charter to which few of its member states pay other than lip service. The largest member, Red China, has never held a free election, yet ‘represents’ 1000 million people plus!

Its Human Rights Council has over the years included governments utterly inimical to any rational concept of rights.  The UN even lowered its flags for the vile North Korean despot who died not so long ago.  As we reported here just a week or two back, the UN has also honoured a live tyrant, the horrendous Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

And as RRA has also noted, its Decolonisation Committee has tried to force the UK to sit down with expansionist Argentina to do a deal without regard to the democratic principle of consent by the British people of the Falkland Islands, whilst simultaneously refusing to take up the case of the most brutally colonied territory in the world, Tibet.

So Miller’s statement on those very recent issues, viz. “If this is the type of action that the UN will be taking, then I think that it is high time that we review our participation in the United Nations,” is something of an understatement  – UN hubris is a long-standing grievance among right-thinking folk.

And I use the word hubris carefully. What else could one say about the arrant nonsense described by Judi MacLeod in CFP tihs week.

When tens of thousands of UN delegates gathered in Johannesburg in 2002 for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, they dined on steak and lobster washed down with fine wines, as just a few miles away thirsty children lined up at the area’s only water spigot….

….the well touted Earth Summit, more formally known as the UN Convention on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, in 1992, where Strong’s new age wife Hanne “maintained a drum beat with Mother Earth” while her husband and others worked to rearrange the world as we all know it. 

The mumbo jumbo continued into 1997 when Strong consorted with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev,,,, their jointly authored UN Earth Charter is carried around in an ornately decorated wooden chest called the Ark of Hope as if it were the Magna Carta or some other cherished antiquity.

The Ark of Hope is touted as a “magnificent large sycamore chest, which was conceived as a visual message of peace, sustainability and concern for the Earth.” …the Ark, which carries Gorby’s and Strong’s sanctimonious Earth Charter, is categorized as an “international peoples’ treaty”, need of which was foreseen and initiated at the Rio summit.  At last count, the Ark was being carried as a Show & Tell item into New York City classrooms. http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/47170?utm_

Such almost idolatrous garbage beggars belief, and is plenty reason in itself to justify Miller’s approach to Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister Baird.

But I doubt they’ll do the proper thing.

They can talk sense on occasion but still there’s a latent cringe before left-lib dogma, and the UN ranks high in the Liberal Party’s dogmatic political theology, always has, since the 1956 Suez Crisis, when a sensible Tory shouted across the floor of the House of Commons that Liberal Lester Pearson had ‘stabbed Canada’s best friends in the back’ with his scurrying around the UN HQ in New York to bring about a defeat for the West.

(I personally still refuse to call Malton Airport by any other than its original name!)




Hence the entirely predictable outburst from Liberal foreign affairs spokesman Dominic LeBlanc, who shrilled indignantly “We live in an interconnected world where we can only protect Canada’s interests by playing a positive role internationally!”

Which of course can be done via NATO – who needs the UN anyway!