Islamist Kill-Joys, Buoyed by Gaga Ban, Now Turn On Indonesian Stars

Exactly as RRA predicted on May 15th,  the worst elements in Indonesia, having seen that neither police nor politicans (with some honourable exceptions) have the guts or even the disposition to stand up to threats, have now prepared a black-list of dangdut stars, who will be subject to harassment and intimidation if they perform their song and dance acts.
It really is depressing to read the list of the banned artists, not just because they’re good entertainers and lovely ladies, but because they are so much more representative of the best aspects of Indonesia than the grisly fanatics who seek to outlaw their acts.

The Surabaya Post 5/6 only named some of them,  including such popular gals as Julia Perez, Inul, Ira Swara, Uut Permatasari, Nita Thalia, Annisa Bahar, Dewi Persik and the Trio Macan.


Depe, Jupe, Uut


You may remember that I bumped into Uut at the opening of a new business in West Jakarta. She was delightful, but in no way pornographic or even risque. Dewi Persik too I’ve seen  at the Jakarta Fair in the past, and readers know I’m a fanatic fan of the Trio Macan in all their incarnations.

As for the wretched bigots behind this banning nonsense, they get named too, and it’s the usual suspects, an irascible triumvirate, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Ummat Indonesian Front (FUI) .




Their spokesman in this report is the IslamoNazi Gauleiter of Jakarta, Habib Salim Alatas, whose cowardlyFPI has graciously confirmed that ‘it will eradicate all the dangdut erotic stage action in Indonesia, even, if need be, forcibly breaking it up.’

And this man is scheduled to ‘preach’ at a mosque near my home, so I saw on a banner today as I passed along my road to work. Preach!?! He openly incites violence, knowing the police will take no action to enforce the law against his kind. So he pours out his bigot bile.

“We appeal to all communities, if there are dangdut singers who perform erotic shows, just break up the shows. Disperse them by force if necessary!”

But in the FPI’s inimitably yellow-bellied style, the Gauleiter refused to specify who would feature on his hit-list.

.”I need not mention any singers by name. Many dangdut singers in Indonesia are like that….,” he said.

And yesterday reported that the miserable MUI clowns in East Java have been instrumental in getting Trio Macan gigs in Pacitan, Madiun and Ponogoro cancelled. The Provincial MUI Secretary, Ikhwan Syam is the fanatic involved in this latest round of censorship.


   Ikhwan Syam – Looks Just Like the Kill-Joy He Is!


‘Ikhwan Syam describe the ban as being in accordance with the Anti-Pornography Act.”

This has been coming from the moment the Gaga concert was cancelled. In fact i wrote the following last month, but never got around to posting it. It’s still relevant now.  


Habib Salim said “…we will always cooperate with the police to prevent what could damage the morality of the nation,” he said.

Then what about other exotic singers,dangdutt? FPI  also took that seriously.

“It is the same, no difference, if we get advance warning of presentation of erotic dance and sway, then we follow,” he said. 16/5


Follow? I’d follow, but not the way the nutter means. He’s out to destroy the music and dance beloved by Indonesians precisely for its sexy sway. And below you can see one of my favourite dangdut groups.




So what’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing, I hear you say, but in the views of the self-righteous mad mullahs, these honeys are an eye-sore.

Earlier this year, RRA reported that the infamously bigoted Rhoma Irama, ‘King of Dangdut,’ had pronounced his Islamist verdict on the Trio Macan – far too sexy for him, a man who’s maybe not had more wives than I’ve had hot dinners, but for sure he’s had plenty!

  • Rhoma irama
  • Given the”King’s” no doubt sincere ability to keep in tune with the worst elements of sectarian bigotry here, it seemed like those girls decided they’d best atone for being so cute. According to  Suara Pembaruan, they were having a make-over, and even contemplating recording a religous song! 


Well, nowt wrong wi’ that, as they’d say on Coronation Street, but I had to  translate the news item not just from the Indonesian but from the archaic and priggish language which shariah-chat requires to express itself. So to amuse and/or horrify you, I’ll first let you see how my Google Translate managed to render some of the story!   (I’ve tidied the syntax etc.)

…Wahh … This is news. Trio Macan are reportedly ready to keep their erogenous zones covered and unmoving, though that was their trade-mark.

“There will be religious songs. We will change our appearance, though not entirely close the genitals during a gig,” explained Lia Amelia, one of the Trio Macan, in West Jakarta, recently. “We are preparing mentally…Everything we have is a gift from God,” she explained.

And thank Heaven for pretty girls!

  • Although their songs have never been religious, Trio Macan promise to be nice and adjust to this. “At least we can bring out good religious songs, dress properlyl – we can adapt very well!”
Trio Macan
Now before you start emailing protests at my enthusiasm for such shameless slappers, please note that the shariah-freak vocabulary is quite distinct from that of normal human beings.   I’ve explained this before, but with heaps of new readers, I do so again.
All that guff about mobile or immobile erogenous zones and uncovered genitalia is exactly that – guff.
Such is the mediaeval mentality of the mad mullah equivalents here that they use the same word, ‘aurat,‘ to describe what you can see in the photos above but also to describe what rational folks would categorise as one’s actual ‘private parts.’
So showing a shapely leg, above the knee, is as much an illicit show of aurat as would be the appearance of a girl completely naked!
These geezers are totally off their goat-bearded rockers!
And I for one think it a great shame that these bubbly, sexy, energetic songstresses felt obliged by the kill-joy clerics (and Irama is a cleric as well as a singer, notorious for wishing to suppress religious liberty for the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority) to announce their decline into boring conformity.
Be warned, ladies, if the morons subdue you into abandoning miniskirts, they won’t stop at that – the next step could well be what we see below –  Trio Macan Become Trio Burka? (that’s the meaning of the Indonesian part of our headline!)
And of course, and sadly, I was right.-