Alberta’s Shame, as Tories, Wildrose, Flirt with ‘Pride!”

We were somewhat disappointed when Alberta’s Wildrose Party lost the recent election to a ‘Conservative Party’ led by a woman devoid of any notably conservative views.-Wildrose appeared to represent real Canadian values, not Turdeau trash-think.

  •   Alison Redford, liberal posing as ‘conservative!’

  • But now it seems it would have made little difference, as the Edmonton Sun reports that Danielle Smith has declared her intention to attend events connected with the shameful ‘Pride’ Festival, which, far from being anything to be proud of, is actually a celebration of sexual aberration.




Politicians are forever grubbing about for any votes, no matter how tainted, but perhaps these two women may find that their quest for support in the most bizarre reaches of the community will backfire.

For example, the Edmonton Sun, 4th June, reported that according to an online Sun poll, which asked  ‘Are you pleased to see Premier Alison Redford taking part in a gay pride festival?’ Almost three-quarters of respondents answered “No.”

So there’s hope for Canada yet!


What is even more nauseating than Redford’s behaviour, however, is the decision by the Edmonton School Board to attend the deviant parade, due on this coming weekend. Decent parents must be horrified to learn that these people, who are entrusted with responsibility for young Albertans in the Province’s capital, are openly endorsing a repulsive public spectacle (Toronto’s is VERY repulsive -just check out photos with Google search –  so likely Edmonton’s will be too!).

The scene in Canada is truly desolate, with McGuinty in Ontario bullying even Catholic schools into permitting pervert clubs on their premises. And in Manitoba, there are plans afoot to push the Provincial Government into denying parents’ rights to defend their children from pro-queer indoctrination.

The National Post on 28th May reported that the Manitoba teachers’ union wants ‘the provincial government to prevent parents from pulling their children out of sex ed classes or other curriculum items they may object to.’

For sheer arrogance, these leftists who draw their salaries from the public purse are hard to beat. All those mere parents, whose taxes keep uppity teachers in a job, really have to doff their caps to the know-alls in the class-room.

How dare they think they have any rights!




They voted last weekend to pressure Manitoba’s Provincial Government and school boards ‘to prevent parents from opting out of any class. The resolution was originally intended to ensure all students attended sex education classes, but delegates to the annual general meeting “voted to make the policy more comprehensive as an apparent show of support for the full curriculum,” according to the MTS website.

If I hire some guy to paint my house, I expect him to know how to handle a paint-brush, but I get to choose the colour it’s painted.

Same goes for teachers. I expect them to teach the kids science and geography, but I don’t want them pushing their personal prejudices on climate panic, for example.

Even less would I want a child to come home telling me the teacher says that ‘gay is okay!’  It’s an affliction, not okay at all, any more than kleptomania is okay. It needs to be remedied.

“I think parents should have the choice and a part in the child’s education,’’ Yohannes Engida, pastor at the Bethel Evangelical Christian Assembly, who has a child entering the Winnipeg school system next September, said Monday. ‘‘Every child is different, every family is different, every culture is different, and we also have a Christian background for how to raise our child.”

Ah, but that’s the point.

Christians are merely a majority in Canada – not a majority in the educational establishment, of course, but that’s different – and will not be afforded the privileges allowed to minorities, like that high school in Toronto, where Islamists have succeeded in holding Muslim religious services on the premises, in overt violation of Canada’s ‘secular’ education system!

The MTS represents about 15,000 public school teachers. One of the concerns brought up during the debate was that parents would pull their children out of the public school system, and this would affect teachers’ jobs. An exact tally of the votes was not recorded, but in the end, MTS president Paul Olson said that about three-quarters of approximately 290 delegates voted in favour.

Sex education in Manitoba’s public school curriculum begins in Grade 5 with an introduction to puberty, the reproductive systems, sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases. There is also an exploration of how factors like family, friends, media, social trends and fashion influence sexuality and gender roles. ( RRA emphasis )


Some school boards, including Winnipeg’s Seven Oaks School Division, already prohibit parents from opting out of classes for their children.

Seven Oaks superintendent Brian O’Leary said: “If you want to have very direct involvement in the influences your children are subjected to, parents would homeschool or find a faith-based independent school or other such choices. I can’t see that it’s possible to excuse kids from school topic by topic.”

Of course it’s possible!When I was a kid, there was an assembly once a week, Bible and a talk, and a couple of Jewish kids opted out, no problem. So why can’t Christian kids be pulled out of anti-Christian lessons?

I doubt many people would worry about having their children informed sensibly about how babies are made.

But all that rot about ‘sexuality?’ If parents wish to tell their offspring that it’s quite in order for blokes to flounce about in skirts and high heels, tough on the kids, but it’s up their parents. Each parent, of each family, according to their own ethical standards. 

Not some pinko pedagogue!