After Gaga, IslamoNazi FPI and So-Called 'Scholars' Now Up for a Book Ban!


Suara Pembaruan newspaper 11/5 = the ‘Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has reported the management of PT Gramedia to the Jakarta Police, in relation to their publishing a book entitled “Five Cities That Ruled the World,” for allegedly desecrating Islam.


Buku 5 Kota Paling Berpengaruh di Dunia [google]


Far be it from anyone to say we told you so, but when legitimate authorities bow to the threats of a gang of sectarian thugs on the matter of a pop concert, it should hardly come as a surprise if said hoodlums raise their sights and target books.

For those of you who, like me, hadn’t heard of the book, it seems the author is a Protestant theologian, and his book is well thought of, as suggested in this brief Amazon review.

In Five Cities that Ruled the World, theologian Douglas Wilson fuses together, in compelling detail, the critical moments birthed in history’s most influential cities -Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York.

Wilson issues a challenge to our collective understanding of history with the juxtapositions of freedom and its intrinsic failures; liberty and its deep-seated liabilities. Each revelation beckoning us deeper into a city’s story, its political systems, and how it flourished and floundered.



Five Cities that Ruled the World chronicles the destruction, redemption, personalities, and power structures that altered the world’s political, spiritual, and moral center time and again. It’s an inspiring, enlightening global perspective that encourages readers to honor our shared history, contribute to the present, and look to the future with unmistakable hope.


Sounds like a good read, but not to the Forces of Darkness that are gradually engulfing Indonesia.

“There is a sentence that says the Prophet Muhammad became a robber and a pirate, then stormed the caliph,” FPI spokesman Munarman said at Jakarta Police Headquarters on Monday.
Munarman said the book by Douglas James Wilson contains words that insult the Prophet Muhammad as a symbol of the religious teachings of Islam which are listed on page 24.


Munarman (in the hat!)


Munarman declared an editorial on page 48 the book is to be treated as a crime of blasphemy…the FPI activist expected the police immediately to follow up the allegations of blasphemy, with an examination of the writer, editor, publisher and parties involved in the production of the book.

Munarman added that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has asked the publisher to pull the book.



Oh, yes, the MUI – that’s the organisation of so-called ‘scholars’ who were hyper-ventilating on Friday about how wrong it was to say Indonesia was intolerant!

Right, this should be fun!

Gramedia is one of the best known publishers in the archipelago, producing, among many other publications, the Jakarta Post and Kompas. This could be a Clash of the Titans!

I’d like to make bets on Gramedia’s success in resisting the backeward bigots, but I’d have said the same about Playboy Indonesia, whose editor ended up in jail, even though he was not guilty!

Stop Press – on further reading, it seems Gramedia have actually APOLOGISED and are trying to withdraw the book. If that is the case, one is inclined to hope the FPI get those responsible punished for this craven surrender.