Always Learning Something New! That Little Vietnam Girl Chose Freedom!

Remember that famous photograph that was used to vilify the forces of freedom in Vietnam, and, in its own small way, helped the effort by anti-Americans, like Obama’s patron William Ayers and Hanoi Jane Fonda to undermine the war effort?



Having caught the dreaded Jakarta Flu during my jaunts between watering-holes in Friday’s rain, much of this past weekend was spent surfing sites just for interest,

And my attention was caught by PJ Media, where a short but fascinating article by Jean Kaufman told the true story of that famous photo of a terrified child named Kim. I had no idea!

I suggest you read it for yourselves, but I can’t resist giving you the happy ending.

Kim’s life finally improved after many years. The Vietnamese prime minister arranged for her to study in Cuba, where she met her husband-to-be. They traveled to Moscow for their honeymoon, and when their flight stopped in Canada on the way back to Cuba they seized the opportunity to defect. These days she travels frequently to speak to the public, and she has now accepted the photo as a “powerful gift” in her life.


Kim today, Free in Canada!


It is wonderful that Kim’s existence has become so much happier. But it is up to us to draw the correct conclusions from her story: what was the real atrocity here, and who were the perpetrators?

Kim is glad to be alive now, but she describes her attitude growing up in Communist-dominated Vietnam this way:

I got burned by napalm, and I became a victim of war … but growing up then, I became another kind of victim. … I wished I died in that attack with my cousin, with my south Vietnamese soldiers.