Jakarta Fair Cutting Down Dangdut? No Way, PRJ!

Since I couldn’t find any list of dangdut stars on the Jakarta Fair ( PRJ) website, I emailed them to ask which entertainers of that ilk were appearing.


As readers of long-standing will be aware, last year there were two schedules, one for the big stage and another, mostly dangdut, for the secondary stage at the back of the fair-ground.

Previous years had had no such discriminatory arrangement, with great dangdut stars in good supply on the main stage, taking their turns with other kinds of music.


Ayu Ting Ting


To my amazement, I had a prompt reply, telling me that Ayu Ting Ting would be performing on July 11th and there would be dangdut FIVE times on the other stage – no names mentioned.

That’s it?

Well now, I like little Ayu, and can watch her voice for hours if need be, but what on earth are the Jakarta Fair management playing at?

Dangdut is Indonesia’s most popular music, and they’ve only got one dangdut star on one night on the big stage, and a mere five nights on the other one, out of thirty different acts appearing?

Cherry Belles

I like various kinds of music, and I see those yummy Cherry Belles are scheduled for 24th June, but that’s not the point, is it?

 Some of the best dangdut stars are those black-listed by the benighted bigots of the MUI, gals like Ira Swara, Uut Permatasari, Dewi Persik, Julia Perez and of course the Trio Macan. Jakarta should be demonstrating its capital status by issuing a slap in the face to the ignoramuses and inviting the creme de la creme!




Or will these delights constitute the five acts promised on Stage 2?

Come on, PRJ, surprise me!