I Rarely Agree with the FPI, but – Opportunistic Head-Shrouders Are Obnoxious!

Just saw this on Tribunnews.com, published a few hours ago.
FPI  spokesman Munarman has been asking about the jilbab worn by Neneng, wife of the Democrat Party’s Muhamad Nazaruddin.
The ghastly woman arrived in custody at the Corruption Eradication Commission’s HQ with not just her hair covered by a head-scarf but much of her face similarly obscured.Has she gone devout, or is she just embarrassed at the mess she and her hubby are in?
You’ve read my dismayed posts often enough about the increasing number of ladies here who wear jilbabs (known outside Indesia as hijabs) but very few of those ever cover theirfaces, so Neneng is really going the whole hog.
   The Mysterious Masked Neneng
Neneng Unmasked 
Munarman is not a guy I like or admire, but he is surely correct to ask whether Neneng has long been in the habit of head-shroudery.
For some reason, numerous people here seem to think that women who wear these eye-sores are somehow more honest, honourable or virtuous or whatever than those who don’t.
This is of course balderdash.
I was waiting for a bus once in East Jakarta, all by myself, when a jilbabbed thirty-something approached and sat down a yard away from me. Since there was nobody else nearby, it was only polite to nod and say good afternoon, which she reciprocated politely.
She then asked where I was going – Indonesians always do this, not because one’s destination is of interest but because it’s their version of Brits talking about the weather.
When I told her I was going home, she promptly suggested an alternative, a cheap hotel just round the corner!
I didn’t quite emulate the old ‘News of the World’ investigative journalists, who always claimed they’made an excuse and left,’ when propositioned by ladies of ill repute, but since I just don’t fancy head-shrouders, I courteously explained I dare not be late home or somebody would think I’d been up to no good. She laughed and took her leave.
Another time I was crammed into an angkot in Bekasi and two jilbabbed schoolgirls engaged me in jolly banter, whilst unknown to yours truly, their accomplices dipped into my bag and stole some money and my handphone – I was very new then!
So no amount of head-gear doth make a female trustworthy.
Yet still we see so many traipsing into court vainly imagining that a piece of cloth wrapped round their ears is going to sway the judges.
We had the same thing, as Munarman also notes, with Afriyanti, the big fat boozing doper who drove her car into a crowd of pedestrians earlier this year, killing loads of them.
Afriyanti at Court
Afriyanti at Play

Munarman has many faults, but can’t be faulted when he said that ‘if you are in the habit of wearing Muslm clothing, that’s another matter, but if it’s only to face the court, or the KPK, that’s tainting it.’

Frankly, I’d be happy if I never saw another jilbab anywhere in Jakarta – most Indonesian women are lovely and it’s sad when they obscure their beauty like that.

But I think it’s disgusting when some of them decide to appear ‘holier than thou’ when all they want to do is escape their just desserts!