Grovelling Gramedia’s Book-Burning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics



Gramedia’s President Director, Wandi S Brata, has not just joined hands with the most fanatical Islamists in Indonesia, but has simultaneously incinerated his company’s reputation among all of us, Indonesian and otherwise, who thought book-burning was something that happened in Red China’s Cultural Revolution or Hitler’s Germany.



??????????????????????????????????A fiery ‘intellectual?’??

Wandi Brata, on a non-book-burning day


The books were burned outside the Bentara Budaya cultural hall in the Kompas Gramedia complex in Palmerah, West Jakarta. Company president director Wandi S. Brata oversaw the book burning, along with several Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) officials, including deputy chairman Ma’ruf Amin.Jakarta Globe 13/6


Ma’aruf Amin


And this geezer’s grovelling obeisance – Wandi’s, not Amin’s – puts the Jakarta Post, which presents itself as a leading example of Indonesia’s  ‘liberal’ media, and which Gramedia publishes, right on the spot!

The JP chorused loud and long about the threat to freedom of expression posed by the very same fanatics, the MUI and the FPI, on the issue of Gaga’s concert. As did we on RRA.

Will we now read lots of indignant editorial articles in the JP about this pathetic symbolic surrender to the forces of darkness….or do they lack the guts to criticise their big boss?

More on this, often, and soon.