Matah Ati – Get Some Javanese Culture! – Friday, 22nd until Monday 25th June

We don’t get enough quality local culture so I’m delighted to give this plenty of space!





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-VVIP (Merah) : Rp. 1,200,000,-
– VIP (Biru) : Rp. 925.000,-
– Kelas I Bawah (Orange) : Rp.750.000,-
– Kelas I Atas (Pink) : Rp.750.000,-
– Kelas II (Kuning) : Rp.550.000,-
– Kelas III (Ungu) : Rp.250.000,-

‘MATAH ATI’ – Dramatic Javanese Dance Epic at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta

Following the success it received in Singapore during two days’ performance at the Esplanade Theatre in October 2010, the colossal Javanese dance epic, Matah Ati , will be staged at the new Teater Jakarta.

Matah Ati  is based on a traditional dance opera which utilizes vocal media to carry the narration, as used in the Solo – Mangkunegara Classical Javanese dance tradition, but this time it is combined with contemporary adaptations and spectacular art direction.

An extraordinary journey through war and love, Matah Ati is based on a true story set in the ancient Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo, otherwise also known as the city of Surakarta. A gripping story of passion, loss and courage, Matah Ati takes audiences on an epic journey back in time to 18th century Java through its operatic Javanese songs and music.  This glorious tale of love and war is told through its central character, Rubiyah, a Javanese peasant woman who fought against Dutch colonialism alongside a local prince, called Raden Mas Said. She married Raden Mas Said and became the mother of kings in the then Mangkunegaran Sultanate in Solo, Central Java.

The colossal epic dance performance will be played on a specially designed metal stage, made sloping by 15 degrees. The stage is deliberately sloped so that everyone in the audience can watch the performance from all possible sides, especially those in the back row. The stage set will also feature a 14x14x2.5 meters electronic trap door and the latest in lighting and audio system.

The 2 hours colossal dance opera will consist of 17 scenes and 8 acts, involving 78 Javanese Dancers and Gamelan Musisicians, and approximately 125 professional dancers. Produced, written and directed by Atilah Soeryadiraja, accompanied by the renowned movie director Jay Subiakto as the art director, the Matah Ati performance presents the wisdom of traditional values and its relevance in present day life.

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