Jaksa Fair to Middlin’ – But Melly’s Garden Hoppin’ !!!

Having mentioned the Jaksa Fair in my previous post on the big Jakarta Fair, I have to ask – what ahppened to its spirit this year?

Not a patch on previous street-fests in that short but lively thoroughfare.

We made a last-minute change of plans last Saturday, to go there instead of the Ancol fire-works, and I rather think we made the wrong decision. Seemed to be far fewer stalls than before – it used to continue all the way round the corner and half-way down Jalan Wahid Hasyim!

And nothing very original, not even Jaksa Fair t-shirts, so I couldn’t add to my previous years’ collection.

Local bands were allegedly being asked for a tidy sum for the chance to play on the band-stand at the Wahid Hasyim end of the street, which didn’t do much to encourage local talent. Bands should get paid for their efforts, not the other way around!

Nor were the organisers keeping the pavements clear, so whoever let the martial arts kids stage a display half-way along in the middle of the road ensured a total bottle-neck of pedestrians, with pick-pockets no doubt having a field day! 

The bars and cafes were sparsely populated, compared to the last time we were there, and that was only last week!

    It seems as if the action has moved to Melly’s Garden, quite a ways along Jalan Wahid Hasyim, for after slaking our thirsts in a fairly dead Cocktail and a totally dead Pappa Cafe, we walked along towards Sarinah to get a cab home and lo, Melly’s was packed to the gunnels!

I waded in through the crowd to see if there were a couple of spare seats, but not one!

Must try it, earlier, next week or whenever – this was well past midnight – and assess its entertainment value.

Actually, about two months ago, Melly’s was featured on TV, that late night show dealing with where to go in Jakarta After Dark.


Nikita Mirzani- = Pity about the tattoos visible in her otherwise fetching photo, but you can’t have everything!


The delightful Nikita Mirzani was the hostess, and appeared to enjoy her visit – she took a toddle round Jalan Sabang too, no doubt brightening up the food-stall customers there by her sultry presence!

This is the gal who was fired from Trans TV’s Kakek2 Narsis for allegedly wearing too-sexy outfits, which, by that show’s standards, must have been SOMETHING!

Anybody else been by Melly’s recently?