Fast and Furious – ‘With-Holder’ Nailed – Now for the Charlatan-in-Chief?

  • I see from all manner of breaking news that that Holder (or should it be With-Holder!) is now officially contemptible – though that was a widely known truth long before today!

But almost as alarming is the simultaneous emergence of the theory that the irresponsibilty involved in Operation Fast and Furious may have been at least partly motivated by the basest of political point-scoring, an endeavour to boost support for the Obamaniac ambition to undermine the Second Amendment of that document held in low regard by the White House, the US Constitution.

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  • WT  June 24th told us us that there might have been even more ramifications to the sordid saga, with Rep. Issa refusing to back down after suggesting ‘the Obama administration intentionally may have flooded the Mexican market with guns in the Fast and Furious operation to drum up support for gun control. “The people involved saw the benefit of what they were gathering. Whether that was their original purposes, we’ll probably never know.”
The photo below I found on Facebook, and it brilliantly sums up the situation!

Obama and his henchman Holder may well sense the way the wind is blowing, but it appears to be making them ever more reckless in their determination to wreck America while they can.



Their long-term ambition to swamp the USA with crimmigrants is coupled with a short-term goal of ensuring as many illegal votes are cast in the next few years’ elections as possible.  The menace and the scale of crimmigration is spelled out quite effectively in this video produced by a doughty champion of the American resistance.

Holder’s constant war on honest voting has hit several states, mostly in the South, where he has dredged up old civil rights measures, designed to ensure black Americans were not denied a vote, and abused those laws to block state authorities who want to weed out crimmigrant voters.

Meanwhile, his boss, The Manchurian, has just by-passed the legislature and granted a catch-all amnesty to somewhere between half-a-million and a million illegals. It’s quite breath-taking.

Is it conceivable that a slug like Holder would do or say anything without direct approval from his organ-grinder? The next step is clear.


Regardless of the increasing evidence that he was never eligible in the first place to enter the White House.