Good Neighbour Turkey? – ONLY After EUSSR Visa Bribe!

‘Turks do not want to live in the EU any more’


A refreshing news item, perhaps, from EUObserver 23/6, above!

As we noted in Monday’s post, Germany in particular has borne the brunt of Turkish migration, much of the problem being the failure of successive German governments to ensure that those brought in as guest-workers’ fifty years ago were sent home after their ‘guest-work’ was completed.

Many Turks did accept German ways and have become all but indistinguishable from real Germans, but all too many have not only refused to adapt but have chosen to look to Ankara  – or, disgracefully, to the sectarian Ummat concept – as their focus of allegiance, and not to Berlin.


“We Are German!”  Wirklich?!?


  • Such a belated exodus would be a major step in removing the yoke of multicult from Germania’s sore neck.

However, eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer, as my high-school German teacher told us when we occasionally answered one of his questions correctly. (One swallow does not make a summer!)

In fact the source of this news was Turkey’s own European Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis..

“In the past, when Turks were asked do you want to live in Europe, 80 percent would say Yes. Now, 85 percent say No. Turkish citizens feel there is more hope in Turkey, better job opportunities,” he said.

Well, okay, he’s bound to sing his regime’s praises.

He noted that in 2010, 27,000 Turks went to live in Germany, but 35,000 German citizens moved to Turkey.

But what does that mean? Are lots of young Wilhelms and Ingrids choosing Turkey over their own country? Or is Mr. Bagis referring to ‘Germans’ who are in fact offspring of his own nation’s diaspora? Sounds like the latter, for the report goes on –

 He added that “many” of the 5.5 million Turks who live in the EU are considering going to Turkey to seek a better life for themselves and their children…
Well, that can’t be bad, if it dilutes the multicult menace facing so many German cities.
But the essence of the EUObs item is the visa-free deal agreed by the EUSSR this month.
It means Turks can roam much more freely into Europe, and it says a lot for the sincerity of these new ‘good neighbours’ that the deal was the price Europeans had to pay to win basic border control measures from Ankara. ( EUBusiness 21/6 – Ankara however had refused to sign the readmission deal with the EU failing progress on a visa accord for its citizens).

In return for the visa deal, Turkey is to implement a “readmission” pact – extra measures for stopping migrants from as far afield as China or Pakistan sneaking into the EU…a 50,000-man-strong civilian border police, “humane” detention centres and “new fences.”

Turkey currently intercepts 70,000 people a year trying to get into Greece or Bulgaria. The number “could easily double or triple” once the new measures are in place, he said.

In other words, they’ve been letting maybe one or two hundred thousand illegal aliens swarm into Greece every year?

And this is the  Erdogan Government, to which Cameron paid such grovelling tributes during his visit last year, when hee hit out at those who ‘wilfully misunderstand Islam’ in order to oppose Turkey’s membership.

Cameron with Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Wilfully misunderstand what? Erdogan’s record?
…jailed for inciting religious hatred, for publicly reciting a poem that said in part, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 
from WT, March 3rd. 2010  
Old Cast-Iron pledged to become the country’s ‘strongest possible advocate’.
‘I’m here to make the case for Turkey’s membership of the EU. And fight for it.’

Back to EUObs =
A report by British MPs last year said Turkish-based organised crime groups are a growing threat to EU security on heroin and cocaine smuggling and human trafficking. They said lack of intelligence-sharing, such as personal data on suspects, helps the gangs make hay.

So they have been deliberately failing to prevent hordes of crimmigrants gate-crashing their neighbours’ frontiers, and refusing to share vital info that could quell heinous crimes. Clearly just the sort of country whose adherence to the EUSSR will benefit Europeans of all nationalities.

Good old Cameroon foreign policy, always principled as well as pragmatic.