It Can’t Happen Here? Michigan or West Java?

Today we focus on the frightening similarity between the evil evident in two communities very far from each other, which ought to enhance our readiness for worldwide solidarity.

America (and much of the rest of the civilised world) is currently shocked by the display of primitive Islamist savagery on the video below.

A small number of Christians came to an ‘Arab’ festival in Dearborn, Michigan, to show some banners expressing their religious faith.

They belong to a very forthright evengelical branch, but did not seek to interfere with the festival, merely showing their signs, as any citizen in any democracy should be free to do.

Sadly, large numbers of the ‘festive’ crowd do not understand what democracy is all about, and really ought to be living in some shariah society where freedom is a stranger.

The Christians were not just verbally abused by foul-mouthed juveniles (the brats’ disgraceful conduct was clearly approved by their ignorant elders) but also pelted with missiles, almost exactly identical to what the HKBP Christians suffered in Tambun, Bekasi, recently.

Okay, savages are savages wherever they happen to be.

But after RRA’s denunciation of the failure of the Bekasi Police to act, even when death threats were made agianst Pastor Palti, it was utterly horrific to see the dereliction of duty by the the Dearborn, Michigan cops.

Obviously the American police action – or, more accurately, inaction – is a matter of cowardice or collaboration.

Since the police are armed and could have called for back-up if they cared about the rights of the Christians, it is reasonable to conclude they were deliberately collaborating with the anti-social louts’ assault on the Christians.

The Michigan cops are proven to be liars too -they say they can’t afford even two officers to monitor the scene, then later we see a dozen near enough, hanging about a safely long distance away.

For American readers, I re-post the video of the persecution of Indonesian Christians at  Tambun, Bekasi.

It ends with an Islamist thug telling the pastor he’s ging to kill him, a threat heard by a senior cop, who shamefully strolls off, ignoring his duty.

Not much difference between the two scenes, except..

The last time the city authorities allowed the suppression of the American Christians’ rights, they were taken to court and penalised by the law.

Evidently, the Dearborn sell-out civic leaders have not learned their lesson.


As said, this shows that Islamist intolerance is NOT some problem confined to one part of the world.

I do rage against the persecution and discrimination which religious minorities  heresuffer, and even more at the disinclination of sections of the state apparatus to intervene on the side of justice – but perceptive readers have long understood that I do so NOT to put Indonesia down but on the contrary express my affection for this beautiful country.