Spitting on a Crippled Widow? Catch Them and Flog Them!

I used to live in Bedford for a while, and it seemed a fairly normal place, so it appalled me to read this – one is forced to wonder what sort of excuses we’d hear from the social work parasites if these…what…

Swine? No, pigs are just animals, which serve a useful purpose…

Vermin? No, rats are dirty but usually attack only if you bug them or if they’re hungry…

…were apprehended.  Hard to find any terminology to describe these scum, but not hard to suggest suitable punishments, which alas are no longer available in decadent Britain.

Our oft-expressed objections to whipping here are not because the punishment itself is wrong but because shariah law prescribes it for playing three-card-brag for nickels and dimes, or for teen lasses caught cuddling their boy-friends.

But this can’t be allowed to pass unpunished.

Why doesn’t the local Mayor or the local newspaper open a fund,  offer a reward for their capture. Even more  to the point, Goldington Road, if I remember right, is a large and usually busy road. There MUST have been people around.

I understand that Brits are reluctant to intervene against crims, because the law is so skewed that public-spirited citizens can find themselves in as much trouble as the evil creatures involved in this shocking affair, but handphones are as common there as here – did nobody ring 999?


A disabled woman says she’s terrified to leave her own home after being targeted by a gang of teenagers in Bedford at the weekend.

At about 2.30pm-3pm on Saturday afternoon, Sandra was making her way home after leaving a rose on her late husband’s grave, when she was approached by the gang on Goldington Road between Goldington Green and Polhill Avenue.

One of the group held her shoulders while another grabbed the powered controls of her wheelchair and a third tampered with the arm of the wheelchair. They surrounded her and threw verbal abuse at her over her disability which phrases like “You don’t belong in this world” and “why were you born?” They then took turns in spitting at her.

The 60 year old only managed to get away when a passerby saw her and shouted at the gang. She was so desperate to escape that when she tried to get away she bumped down the kerb and was nearly hit by a car.  http://www.heart.co.uk/bedford/news/local/disabled-woman-left-terrified-gang/