Convicted IslamoNazi Thug Defies Cops, Promises Routine Ramadan Mayhem

Today’s Radar Jogja reports that the IslamoNazi sleazoid Tedy Bambang, unabashed by his recent conviction for striking and spitting on a defenceless woman, has told the Jogjakarta cops he intends to ignore their call –  for police law enforcement only – during what he calls his Holy Month.

How a moral grub like TB can even use the word ‘Holy’ would be an interesting matter to debate, but never mind.


FPI  Lout Tedy Bambang

The criminal lout told the RJ that, despite ‘Police Chief Sabar Rahardjo’s declaration that sweeping is a police job,’ the IslamoNazi self-styled ‘Islamic Defenders Front’ (FPI) ‘continues to insist it will do so at Ramadan.’

Speaking as local Gauleiter, Bambang  said he would lead his storm-troops ‘to wipe out what they regard as places of vice that interfere with absorption of worship during Ramadan.

One can take three views on this –

One ( a sane person’s) being that if the devout are so weak in their devotion that they can be diverted by the mere existence of cafe-bars and discos (that’s what Thuggo means by ‘places of vice’) then they might as well not bother with absorption.

Secondly, that if the white-shirts are seriously going to defy the police brazenly, so be it, and let the cops get stuck into them, hopefully with live ammunition.

Or thirdly, here we go again. Police in Jakarta are unwilling to confront white-shirt hoodlums, so Jogja may as well follow suit.

However, Bambang has said that his gangsters’ sweeping ‘is not going to be done by direct visits to places such as nightclubs, salons, bars, gambling places etc., but will first use legal procedures.

“We will write to the Jogjakarta Chief of Police to close nightclubs or other places that pollute the holy month,” he told reporters yesterday (29/6).

However, he threatened if there are spots that still will not shut down, they’ll  be shut down forcibly. FPI is prepared!

“Then we’ll move to seal them. This is to maintain humility and serenity of the holy month. That’s what they risk, “he continued.

It’s like some kind of tragic satire, the thug prattling about using violence to maintain two qualities, humility and serenity,  that are the total antitheses of his fanatic outfit’s raison d’etre.


Bambang expressed concern because the Jogja District still has many places of entertainment which he considered immoral. From town to village, he added, there are many places to drink.
“Look at the discos, there are all kinds of immorality, liquor and drugs around. Pity the next generation if this is allowed.”

I’d have thought his own example of squalid and cowardly criminality is more of a threat to the next generation!

Unfortunately, the lawful government there is not warning the jihadist crims to back off or else – instead we just get somebody named Nursamita, Secretary of the Commission D of the Jogja Provincial Parliament, saying  the lawful authorities can enforce the law strictly, so that any unilateral action by certain mass organizations can be anticipated.

Note the pathetic way the FPI is not named. ‘Certain mass organisations,’ indeed – a bunch of hoodlums, would be a more accurate term! Nursamita, instead of trying to be more oppressive than the IslamoNazis, should show the way out of Dark Age thinking. But no chance of that. Regardless of creed, everybody in the Jogja area must be bullied into one religion’s Ramadan routine.

Therefore, before Ramadan, nightclubs, liquor shops, and others should be closed….for a full month.

How fatuous and fanatical. Why must the rest of us be forced to kow-tow to this Islamist diktat? All bars and restos and clubs should be open for anyone who wants to enjoy them.

I would never seek to deny the Muslim Brotherhood the right to self-denial. They should not be so arrogant as to seek to deprive me of my right to self-indulgence!!

And why do I suddenly mention the MB?

Because right at the end of the RJ report, a key piece of info – Nursamita is a representative of which party?



 The PKS, the nearest thing Indonesia’s got to the Muslim Brotherhood.

PKS, recall, is the party whose Secretary General, Anis Matta, glorified the mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden in an ode penned after the 9/11 atrocity.

Like Bambang, who despite his disgraceful crime, remains in good standing with the FPI, Matta has never been disciplined by the PKS for his overt admiration of the world’s worst terrorist.



Nursamita concludes by saying that if the IslamoNazis feel they have to get in on the sweeping action, they should coordinate their intimidation with the police. ‘And don’t be arrogant!’

A bit like telling an ice-cube not to be cold.