A Book for Fourth of July! JFK’s Death – Havana In the Frame!

A very happy Independence Day to our large band of American readers, who will doubtless be fascinated by an article in AIM yesterday, re-opening the perennially intriguing question of who klled John  F. Kennedy.


Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine by Brian Latell (2012, Hardcover)

There’s a new book out, Castro’s Secrets, by Brian Latell,  who has built a strong case for the murderous Castro as the culprit.
He bases his assertions on in-depth interviews with Florentino Aspillaga, a highly decorated Cuban intelligence officer from the Directorate General of Intelligence (DGI) who chose freedom in 1987, and other defectors, as well as his own inside information.

On the morning of Kennedy’s death, Aspillaga was operating Cuban intercept equipment that was focused on Miami, home of the anti-Castro Cubans, and CIA headquarters in Langley. He was told to redirect the antennas toward Texas. “About four hours later the shots rang out in Dallas,” Latell notes.  Aspillago told Latell, “They knew Kennedy would be killed…Fidel knew.”

Latell’s got other intriguing tales to tell, including –

A – Castro had a “supermole” in the “upper reaches of the government” in Washington, D.C. This mole was so high up that he was “burrowed in at either the CIA or the Pentagon” and may still be in place.

B – Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives were “recruited” by the Cubans. Congress has been “a major target of Cuban intelligence operations.”

C – Another defector, Gerardo Peraza, has said Cuban intelligence has made “clandestine inroads within the US Senate,” but he was stopped from putting the evidence on the public record.http://www.aim.org/aim-column/the-communists-killed-kennedy/?utm_source=AIM+-+Daily+Email&utm_campaign=5995fe2460-email070212&utm_medium=email



But did the Reds really order the Dallas assassination?



Whatever the truth of the matter, there must surely be a strong presumption of guilt, for Castro may well have fretted that wiser counsel might make JFK regret his foolish (to say the least) decision to deny the Bay of Pigs Freedom Fighters the air support which would have made all the difference. Did the Communists fear an action re-play?

The 2506 Brigade showed their mettle on the battle-field, as Humberto Fontova tells it so well. They went at it with a vengeance. These “brave boys” fought till the last round, without food or water, and inflicted losses of almost 30-to-1 against their Soviet-led and arm-lavished enemy.

And they stood their ground subsequently at the Communist kangaroo court, where they could have bowed and scraped and won much milder sentences than the draconisn punishments in store.
Instead they didn’t flinch from challenging the puppet judges,

Neither Erneido Oliva ( the black Cuban commander of 2506) nor any of his men signed the document. The freedom-fighters stood tall, proud, defiant, and solidly with their commander, even sparring with Castro himself during their televised Stalinist show trials. “We will die with dignity!” snapped Oliva at the furious Castroites again, and again, and again. To a Castroite, such an attitude not only enrages but also baffles. http://hnn.us/node/125561

Imagine, had those heroes won! Cubans enjoying the democracy which every other Latin American country was soon to gain, and none of the shameful tortures and torments inflicted on thousands of patriots by Castro’s red gestapo.

Today, as America rejoices in her liberties, we can only wonder what really happened back then, and hope that one day soon both Fidel and Raoul Castro will be dragged from their privileged palaces and strung up in Havana’s largest public square.