Right On, Geert! No End to MultiCult While EUSSR Rules

Having put his freedom on the line in the battle with multicult in Holland, Geert Wilders has now raised the stakes and hopes to win Holland’s freedom from Brussels.

The Dutch people voted clearly to reject the EuroCon in their referendum, but were almost at once told their establishment politicians were going to stab them in the back – that Lisbon Treaty, virtually identical to the EuroCon, nodded through, no more nonsense about consulting mere citizens if the elite were to have its treacherous way.

But with fresh elections in the offing, Geert’s PVV is hitting hard against the EUSSR’s new power-grab, reminding their fellow-countrymen and women that the The Netherlands was once a key player in the Concert of Europe, a sovereign nation entitled to respect.

NIS News Bulletin
Elections Only about the EU for Geert Wilders
THE HAGUE, 04/07/12 –…according to PVV leader Geert Wilders, the general elections of 12 September are a referendum on Europe. …The title of the programme is ‘Their Brussels, Our Netherlands’. In it, the PVV repeats its position that the Netherlands should leave the EU and not transfer another cent to Brussels. The Netherlands must be boss in its own country again, the party believes….“…Today we declare ourselves to be independent,” according to Wilders. “We are pragmatic and patriotic. It is a humiliation that the flag of the European Union flies above the Lower House. This must be removed as quickly as possible.’


  • Not only in the Netherlands but across Europe, the shadow of the EUSSR has darkened the lives of all decent citizens who live under its detestable flag.

The Commissars treat citizens with open contempt and press their jackboot down ever harder on the necks of the people.

What a refreshing change Mr. Wilders is from that clown Cameron, whose latest fatuous babbling on democracy consisted of telling the British people that HE didn’t think THEY wanted a say on the UK’s subjection to Brussels.

What a meaningless and offensive thing to say.

How does he know?

Has he held a surreptitous referendum to ask them if they want a referendum?

Or has his clown costume bestown on him delusions of on-stage mind-reading?

Or is he plannng another of his con-trick ‘consultations,’ which he institutes whilst simultaneously telling those consulted that their responses will in no way be binding on him and his craven colleagues?

Good to see that in Wilders, The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a statesman who believes in himself AND his country!