‘Intolerant?’ The Dirty War on Decency

Intolerance – the greatest sin of the 21st Century?

Some readers appear to find it difficult to grasp why I detest the deviant agenda. 

Here’s why!

Having grown up in countries where decent behaviour was expected, if not always extant, it is horrendous to see them now!

  • Canada

I refuse to pollute this blog with pictures that are grotesque and disgusting, so I refer those with strong stomachs to Blazing Catfur, http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.com/2012/07/education-minister-laurel-brotens-pride.html which is an admirable Canadian blog.

No police action was apparently taken. Not the Canada I remember growing up in.

Let’s take a hop around the Western world.


Back to the Mother Country!

A huge petition to protest against the re-definition of ‘marriage’ was delivered to 10 Downing Street by a nice young couple.

Then what happened?

When the website PinkNews carried a brief report and video of the Downing Street photo opportunity, attention in the comments section turned to the couple themselves. One reader posted a message asking: “I wonder if we can get their addresses so we can send them a different type of petition …”…http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9349353/Gay-marriage-newlywed-couple-bombarded-with-internet-hate-mail.html


Peel the Pervert


Very soon, links to their Facebook page got publicised on on Twitter  – one of those eagerly doing so being a queer named Kevin Peel, a socialist member of Manchester City Council.

The sleazy specimens who took their cue inundated their victims with all kinds of vituperation – here are a few samples – 

 “I know that you and your —- should be getting quite a few of these messages, many people on my Facebook account are posting a link to here. I say BRING ON THE HATE! I really hope that both you morons get all the hate and threats in the world. You deserve nothing but sadness.”


 “I really hope you and your husband turn out infertile and die of cancer. That would be something to celebrate.”


The couple are unsurprisingly shaken by the intolerance of those who once campaigned for tolerance and now seek to bludgeon Britons into submission to the miserable ‘gay’ agenda, courtesy of the two-faced clown Cameron.


  • =
  • But they kept their cool and just reminded us of  Cameron’s anti-democratic ‘consultation’ – announced alongside his ‘cast-iron’ assurance that he’d push through his anti-Christian scheme regardless of the responses of those consulted“By all means let’s have a debate – especially as the public haven’t had the chance to vote on this issue,” was how the victims of the vile vendetta put it.

And it’s not just them. Perverts are waging a war on all who speak up for decency.


Rt. Revd. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

…the abuse comes after the Archbishop of York received racist hate mail after he publicly voiced opposition to gay marriage and David Burrowes, the Tory MP, received a death threat.


And of course the little pinko homo who happily circulated that couple’s personal information, opening them up to the torrent of deviant abuse, raises his Pontius Pilate hands in horror..

Cllr Peel, who represents Manchester’s City Centre ward and is the council’s lead member of gay men’s issues, said he could not condone the “horrible” messages others had sent.

But he added: “If you are the public face of a campaign to deny the right of marriage to other people you should be prepared to hear the opposite view from people who don’t agree with you…. I don’t see why it is not OK for people, sensible people, to say ‘why do you have that view?’.”

And how many of the ‘sensible’ scum who sent their rancid messages were content to ask that question?


Nor are these nauseating tactics unique to UK yuks.

In Canada too, the sports commentator Damian Goddard, fired by the PC management of Rogers Sportsnet, was beset by hate after he Tweeted this hardly antagonistic statement.


Damian Goddard

“I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and true meaning of marriage.”

What happened? “Within minutes it was craziness. People wishing I was dead….I couldn’t believe the hate that was seeping from my laptop.”

Another ‘tolerant’ pervert sent this.

“I hope you get raped by someone with AIDS.”

See the video here. See the full article on LSN  here http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/


PS   Incidentally, before my pro-homo readers resume their litany of accusations, that I’m ‘intolerant,’ please note –

I don’t send messages to perverts wishing they might die of cancer. 

I don’t wish them anything except a cure for their sad, ‘gay’ affliction.

I don’t even particularly want to intrude on them, if they keep their aberrant antics to themselves, behind closed doors – it’s like taking a dump. You don’t do it in public.

Yes, I do use the word ‘pervert,’ which is surely applicable to men who wish to engage in sex with other men, just as it applies to bestiality or sadism.

I choose not to socialise with such people, and, as has been noted by at least one of my critics, they would probably not choose to socialise with me, because they can’t tolerate honest dismay at their conduct.

Tolerance is fine, but should we tolerate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, no matter how disgusting?


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  • Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a historic New Jersey Christian camp, ordered by a judge to allow same-sex “commitment” ceremonies on their property, even though it violated their religious views.
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