Jakarta Gangs – Cops in Denial, Candidates in Cahoots?


I have already touched on the current campaigns obstructing traffic throughout Jakarta, as Governor Fawzi Bowo seeks re-election against a variety of challengers.
But we have not, since last year, dwelt on the bizarre, if not downright unwholesome, alliance forged by the incumbent with the notorious thug gang, the FBR ( Betawi Forum) which is frequently in the news for its violent clashes with other gangs, none of which are any more than hoodlums, masquerading as what the media here pathetically describe as OrMas, organisasi masyarakat, community organisations.
The Jakarta Post named some of them this week –
  Pemuda Pancasila, together with several other mass organizations in Greater Jakarta — the Pemuda Panca Marga (PPM), the Betawi People’s Forum (Forkabi) and the Badan Pembina Provinsi Keluarga Banten (BPPKB) — agreed to a truce on Friday.
The police, who mediated the negotiations, pledged to facilitate monthly dialogues between the mass organizations at the grass roots level.
They are much the same as the IslamoNazi FPI, but unlike the self-styled ‘Defenders of islam,’ they don’t pretend to be religious outfits, though the FBR has more than its share of Islamist bigotry, as shown by their arrogant and infantile protests against the excellent dangdut singer Inul Dharatista a few years ago, and subsequent victimisation of Christians – we covered one such case in Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/fbr-bigots-threaten-jakarta-church/

 Gov and Gang
It was the Governor who invited the FBR to provide ‘support’ for the SEA Games last November – I wasn’t interested in watchng that series of events, but would have skipped them anyway due to Bowo’s eager collaboration with louts like FBR.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/fbr-fauzi-bowo-ragu-tidak-why-wont-jakartas-governor-disown-thug-support/

Anyway, they were back in the headlines this week, a brawl which didn’t happen, according to the amazing Rikwanto, PR man for the Jakarta Polce – but it undoubtedly did happen.

I quote the Jakarta Post 3/7

  • Police say officers broke up a brawl between the Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR) and Pemuda Pancasila (PP) on Sunday, despite an agreement between the leaders of the mass organizations to peacefully settle their conflicts.

Cengkareng precinct Comr. Rudy Reinewald confirmed on Monday that approximately 50 FBR members attacked a PP guard post on Jl. Bangun Nusa, Cengkareng Timur, West Jakarta, at 9:45 p.m. on Sunday.
“A PP member was stabbed with a machete but he was not hospitalized as the injury was minor,” Rudi said…

Rudy’s statement contradicted Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto, who said that there had not been a brawl in Cengkareng, based on a confirmation he obtained from the West Jakarta Police chief.
However, Rikwanto acknowledged that the members of the mass organizations frequently brawled and the police could not stop their clashes.
Can you credit Rikwanto’s confession of impotence? Stick his name in our search box and you’ll see why we have little time for his utterances.
For any cop to eat crow in such a way, to say his ‘professionals’ are incapable of dealing with thuggery. The police here have guns and know how to use them, They are hardly outnumbered. How ashamed must Jakartans feel to hear their police admit defeat in the face of criminality.
No wonder even high-level politicians are dickering with the thugs, with not one of them demanding the dissolution of the hoodlum outfits.
Nachrowi Ramli, who is the leader of the city-funded Betawi Consultative Forum (Bamus) and the running mate of Fauzi, said that getting the worrying groups together to talk was vital. Bamus is the umbrella organization of dozens of civil society organizations, including the FBR.
To be fair to FB and his infatuation with the FBR, other gubernatorial candidates too have accepted support from highly dubious groups and individuals, including the nominee I praised recently, Joko, whose refusal to don sectarian garb augured well. His running mate is a Christian, and that alone makes their candidacy appealing, in that one assumes they’d defend religious liberty more keenly than Hidayat, who is running for the fanatic Islamist PKS party.
Hidayat got Islam Defenders Front (FPI) patron Rizieq Syihab to pray for his victory, while Jokowi got support from former gang leader Hercules Rozario Marshal, who now chairs the New Indonesian People’s Movement (GRIB).
   Joko and his running-mate           


Without being too anthropomorphic, one can envisage the Almighty keeping a special pigeon-hole for Fuhrer Rizieq’s prayers, a larger version of the one into which He placed my 5-year-old self’s regular requests for a hundred dollar bill. As has been said, prayers are always answered, but sometines, the answer is NO!

  • Fuhrer Rizieq


The rest of the JP reporting above contains rather tiresome suggestions that the answer to gang thuggery is finding honest work for the swine to do. Just about all candidates echo the well-meaning University of Indonesia sociologist Ricardi S Adnan (who) said that the problems of thuggery within civil society organizations escalated with the reform era, starting in 1998. “The main reason for these troubling organizations is the lack of job opportunities,” he said.
Well, no – there are thousands of Jakartans, young and older, who lack jobs and job opportunities, who nevertheless don’t engage in mob violence.
By all means let the next Governor do all in his power to help them help themselves. But the real cause of gang trouble is badness.
It’s not unique to Jakarta – millions of Brits and Americans etc. in the Thirties suffered harsh conditions due to lack of jobs, but only a few ran amok, because they were taught discipline and duty by parents and schools and those who wouldn’t learn were hammered.
Nowadays, mobs of savages can run wild here, as they did in the London Riots, and we hear loads of hogwash about..what? …
….deprivation/ discrimination/ inequality/ inner-city issues….
Claptrap! They run wild because there’s no comeback.  As Rikwanto says..‘police couldn’t stop the clashes..’ WHY NOT?
Actually, Mr. Adnan is right in the first part of his sentence. Back in Suharto’s day, nobody was free, but at least that included the crims. Step outa line, get shot.
That iron grip is gone now, and rightly so for honest citizens – but why can’t the police get to grips with the scumbags. Shoot them whenever they riot, or brawl or menace good folk! 
But alas, as Adnan concludes, “Law enforcement in this city is so weak. The administration and police don’t have any authority,” he said, adding that the civil society groups have taken over control.”
Uncivil, not civil, and that is entirely down to police who won’t enforce the law, though they have the means to do so, and would earn immense popularity (for a change) if they did so.
 FB has just told us July 11th, Election Day, will be a city-wide holiday. Whooppeee!