Rank Lunacy! UK Illegals Over-Staying? Who Knows!

Sky News today broke the shocking news that upwards of 150,000 migrants have been refused permission to stay in the UK but the authorities do not know how many have left!

  • UKBA 'Not Aware' Of Migrant Removal Figures

John Vine, chief inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) , said there is no clear strategy to find out what proportion of this growing number remain in the country illegally.

He also said tracking these absconders down and removing them from the country is not seen as a priority for the agency – and that there is no clear plan to ensure the cases do not just become another backlog to deal with.

And this under a Prime Minister who pretends to take the immigration issue seriously!

“The agency does not know how many of these individuals have left the country or who are waiting to be removed. I also saw no evidence that there is a clear plan in place for the agency to deal with this stream of work to ensure this does not become another backlog.

Well, Brits owe thanks to  Vine, who has at least made them aware of Cameron’s shameful dereliction of duty!

Cameron – ‘Don’t Ask Me!’

“I believe it can and must do more to demonstrate it is dealing with this issue in a more proactive manner,” concluded Mr. Vine. 

The whole report, with the damning evidence it provides of official disregard for the facts and figures, and by implication for the welfare and indeed safety of the British people, should be read carefully, and here it is – http://uk.news.yahoo.com/ukba-not-aware-migrant-removal-figures-002835986.html

On top of the recent report which provoked Andrew Green, of Migration Watch, to say Britain was ‘the softest touch in Europe’ for ‘asylum-seeker’ crimmigrants, the news just couldn’t be better – for undesirable alien parasites!