Here Comes the Bun! And Islamonazis Deliver Lingerie for ‘Softy’ Mayor!

Once again my heartfelt thanks to the IslamoNazi FPI for providing RRA with a tragicomical story, gleaned from Tuesday’s (10/07) PRLM (Pikiran Rakyat Online)

  • it seems the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Depok branch is so incensed at the local authority’s failure so far to raze ‘offensive’ warungs to the ground in Depok, West Java, that they’ve insulted the Mayor.

The warungs in question are the  wild cafes at Pondok Rangon’  and they’ve sent a gift of ‘lingerie and a bun’ to the Depok Mayor, Nur Mahmudi Ismail, the present wrapped in a clear plastic parcel. FPI chairman Depok, Habib Al Gadhri Idrus, intended giving the parcel directly to the Mayor at City Hall but apparently Nur Mahmudi Ismail was not in his office. Thus, the gift was presented to staff.


Ladies lingerie speaks for itself, but Western readers might wonder why a (definitely NOT hot-cross-) bun was included. In fact, it’s a konde, the articial hair-bun Javanese women like to wear on special occasions!

“It’s a symbol of the attitude of the soft Depok mayor who did not dare,” he told reporters.


Nurmahmudi Ismail, Mayor of Depok


The soft mayor who did not dare.-translated neatly,  a rhyming denunciation, which also illustrates the infantile, hate-think which is endemic in these people.

But spare no pity for the no doubt affronted Mayor – he’s an exemplary member of the PKS fanatic party, and has shown no redeeming features so far during his term of office. Depok is in West Java and its Mayor fits in just fine with the noisome Islamist character of that province.

Idrus expressed his frustration because the Mayor was only sealing the area, but did not dare to dismantle it.

  • Idris, FPI Gauleiter of Depok

Such self-righteous wrath! Even though the civic militia, the Satpol PP, is actively dismantling unauthorised buildings that housed the common people. “If the little people get evicted, why are all sinners not suffering the same fate, instead of just being sealed. The Mayor should have dared to do that to all without a license,” he said.

Fair point, if humble folk lose their places, why not the bigger fish, but a brief moment of empathy ends when he repeats the white-shirt threats.

Idrus added FPI threats to bring down the cafes in the month of Ramadan if not already dismantled. “I guarantee you’ll have chaos there again, it’s easy – I hope Nur Mahmudi’s heart open,” he said.

I see from Rima news that the Nazis have issued a three day ultimatum – wholesale destruction or else!

But PRLM tells us that fighting has already occurred.  These little shacks, as we mentioned yesterday, are the ‘night-clubs’ of the poor. Working stiffs can’t afford to visit bars as we know them, and Depok’s likely not got many actual bars, if any!  So they’ll toddle down to a humble warung, buy a cheap beer or two, and hope to find a shoulder to cry on, maybe singing what Merle Haggard called the ‘Working Man Blues.’ No harm to anyone!

Local people don’t like intrusion by bigots. 

Earlier the situation was tense in Pondok Rangon after twice the FPI attakced the site. Thate first action led to one member of the FPI Bekasi H Mursidi receiving wounds, and a motorbike belonging to one cafe employee was set on fire…