Toronto’s Keystone KGB – Infested With Undesirables?

If Canadians still had to rely on the CBC and the rancid liberalism of the establishment media, they’d probably not even have heard of the pro-homo police action at this month’s shameful ‘Pride’ parade.

And it turns out there may be more to the KGB-style action of those Keystone Cops than just pig-ignorance. One courageous women’s activist suggests there has been infiltration of deviant agitators into Toronto Police!

We here on RRA are getting more and more readers back in the ‘true north strong and free,’ but nothing to match the number of SunNews viewers, who were told of the rough suppression of peaceful protestors’ ‘Charter’ rights and the openly anti-Christian slug Sergeant  R. Pasini, was caught on video winning plaudits from the rabble with his offensive claim that preaching the Gospel was ‘promoting hate!’

The Sun shone through via Michael Coren, who, on his show The Arena, exposed for all to see the blatant double-standards applied by these pathetic apologies for policemen.

“There were a large number of people who were completely naked which is illegal and the police refused to do anything about this!”

Quite so! Decent Canadians avoid downtown Toronto

“Why would any person, Gay or Straight, think that it was normal to walk alone naked [in a parade]? Why would they do that? Would the not feel incredibly guilty that there are children looking at them? “There’re saying ‘we’re gay, we’re proud, respect us, treat us properly, don’t laugh at us, don’t think we’re strange, and this is how they behave.”

Exactly! Anyone who pretends that these vile aberrants are ‘normal’ needs his or her head examined. Yet we here on RRA say they’re abnormal and we’re accused of intolerance!

 Gwendolyn Landolt

But Gwendolyn Landolt of Real Women of Canada,as quoted by LSN, put the cat among the pinko pigeons. What we have here are police not being impartial and failing to apply the law as it is written, but applying it according to their own prejudices and biases,” said Landolt.

Fair comment, and who’d disagree with her. But then she added words that make it a top priority for a full investigation into Toronto Police.

Landolt pointed out that what happened to the preacher showcases what she called the “intolerance of the homosexual activists,” who she says are well-represented within the ranks of the Toronto Police Force.

Who let such creatures into a police force meant to protect and serve every citizen? As Landolt says“These homosexual activists are the most intolerant group in all of Canada. Anybody who has a different opinion than their agenda, they wish to silence. They don’t want such people to speak on any subject at any place at any time. They are unbelievable intolerant.”

C’mon Canadians, fight back. At the very least, do what we asked last week, and email a formal complaint to Mayor Rob Ford, using the form on our link above,

He seems to be an honest man. It took me five minutes to do so, and an automatic receipt came back right away, so the sooner he has thousands of protests clogging up his computer, the better.

As Coren concluded, “You break the law, you should be charged. But apparently there is a double-standard now in contemporary Canada.