Happy Bastille Day – But a Dark Day for France, as Crimmigrants Cosseted by Court

France’s highest court has ruled that the country’s police can no longer arrest and detain illegal immigrants unless they are suspected of having committed a criminal offence.

Best wishes to all our French readers, but commiserations on the latest blow to France, as more and more crimmigrants flood in from alien lands.
France 24 reported this week thaton Thursday the French “Cour de Cassation” [the country’s highest court] ruled in favour of a group of illegal immigrants who claimed their detentions were in breach of European law.
This is an insane ruling, meaning that these parasites can now roam around with impunity, but it reflects the inimical nature of the EUSSR towards every nations right to preserve itself from parasitical depredations. The court decision derives from a pernicious decree dating from April 2011 when the European Court of Justice ruled that member nations could only arrest illegal aliens if they had committed an imprisonable offence.
While police had done a good job within their powers, apparently laying hands on some 60,000 Illegals every year, they were usually obliged to release them, but at least the threat of arrest was till now a useful tool in discouraging undesirable aliens.
Needless to say, anti-French pressure groups are cock-a-hoop. Agathe Marin, spokeswoman for the Cimade refugees’ association that represented the immigrants in the court. “We hope that this ruling will ensure that the police are respectful of immigrants’ basic rights and stop treating them like criminals.”
They ARE criminals! They violated French law by entering France illegally!

But it looks like President Hollande is going to take a much sloppier attitude to the crimmigration menace than Sarkozy, who, for all his faults, did make the right noises and often did the right thing, like rounding up ghastly Roma anti-socials and booting them out.

Hollande’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls admittedly recognised that “the ultimate removal of illegal aliens [from France] must remain central to any legislation on this issue.” But if the Government is going to subordinate French interests to a diktat from those ECJ judicial hacks, it bodes ill for ordinary citizens who have to suffer the presence of uninvited intruders in their midst.

It seems only the Front National is prepared to speak for France against her EUSSR enemies. “This ruling is lax, ultraliberal, and pandering to the whims of a European legal oligarchy,” the party said in a statement.