West Java Islamists Again Attack Ahmadis, Blame Foreign Journos

Metro TV reports that Islamist primitives in  Cisalada, West Java, again viciously turned on their peaceful Ahmadi neighbours on Friday, angry because foreign journalists were taking pictures of the persecuted minority’s village ‘without permission.’


Ahmadi Home Vandalised by Sectarian Primitives


A total of five houses in Kampung Cisalada, Ciampea District, Bogor, West Java, were damaged. Foreign journalists coverage of Ahmadiyah activities reportedly fuelled the clashes….five Ahmadis homes were damaged by stone-throwing.  plate-glass windows and roof tiles smashed by Kampung Kebon Kopi villagers.

Local people objected to the foreigners, because they had  not received permission.

Seems the savages didn’t like photographs being taken. Well, I dare say they would object! Even out there in the backwoods of West Java, they must be aware of the international contempt they’ve earned by their evil intolerance.

Please note, the Ahmadis do NOTHING to provoke the hooliganism, except worship God in their own way.

Antara news Agency quoted one Ahmadi, named Usman. “We don’t know why suddenly about 100 people came and attacked several houses in our village. ”
Usman admitted that at that time there were four foreign journalists who came to the township on Tuesday (10/7)
“They wanted to report on our village; for us there is no problem with them coming,” says Usman.

But the Islamist primitives down the road have no respect for freedom of the press, any more than they respect the guarantee in Indonesia’s Constitution that every citizen is free to worship as he or she pleases.

Of course this is hardly the first time the sectarians have vented their spleen on their neighbours. I append a photo from previous attacks, the infamous Koran burning committed by the Islamists.

Ahmadi Koran damaged in previous arson attack


And also the link to the Metro TV report on the incident.  http://www.metrotvnews.com/read/newsvideo/2012/07/13/155066/Bentrok-di-Ciampea-5-Rumah-Warga-Ahmadiyah-Dirusak/1