Bravo, Batam! Young Indonesians Challenge IslamoNazis

After the sad tale of injustice in West Java (previous post) – some glad tidings this hot sunny arvo!

Waspada Online yesterday made heartening reading for everybody who loves Indonesia.

It seems that the IslamoNazi FPI’s raiding parties in Batam have made a number of community organizations furious!.

“They act as if they’re the police – are they out to establish an Islamic state? We will resist every which way we can!’ said Irawan, Secretary of the IPPB, (Ikatan Putera-Puteri Batam – Union of the Sons and Daughters of Batam)

As we reported on Monday, a mob of these nazi bullies went a-raiding and descended on an open area where young Batam folk hang out together. As Waspada confirms, ‘they then herded the young ones who were chatting into the Masjid Al Hereafter Bukit Kemuning.


Nazi Night-Crawlers Harassing Batam Youth


Irawan pledged that organizations in Batam will undertake sweeping against the FPI, who aspire to a policing role during Ramadan.  “Batam is a communal areas, it’s not just Muslims who live and work in this area. Please, FPI, take that on board, otherwise we’ll not stand idly by,” said Irawan, supported by 50 community organizations in Batam.

The local IslamoNazi Gauleiter, Zain Alatas, would not comment. “I have not got the report, I’ll check,” he said.

Unusual for the big-mouths of the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ not to grab any opportunity for verbal diarrhoea!

It would be a true cause for rejoicing if these excellent young people get hold of the gutless white-shirt thugs and taught them a lesson they’ll never forget.


PS Here’s a clip from Metro TV, to give you all an idea of what these IslamoNazis look like. FPI, and then the HTI (Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia)