West Java Cop-Out? Islamist Mob to Go Unpunished.

Local residents gather in the streets of Cisalada village. Bogor, after an angry mob attacked the homes of six members of the beleaguered Ahmadiyah community on Friday. Six homes were destroyed and four people were injured in the attack, but the National Police have declined to name any suspects. (JG Photo/Vento Saudale)

July 16th’s  Jakarta Globe surely suggests more questions than answers, most notably on the Police’s interest in serving the community in a non-sectarian way.

No one will be charged in Friday’s mob attack on members of Bogor’s Ahmadiyah community, the National Police said on Monday.
“There are no suspects,” Sr. Comr. Agus Rianto, spokesman of National Police, said.

As RRA reported, a mob of Islamist savages stormed into a peaceful Ahmadiyah village, vandalised several houses in mob violence that left four people injured. Their feeble ‘excuse’ was the presence of foreign journalists – they apparently feared further international exposure of the persecution meted out to this harmless minority,

But on Monday, the National Police said there was no evidence of abuse in the incident. Both sides, Agus claimed, were stoning each other in self-defense.  He blamed the clash on the presence of foreign journalists.


Agus Rianto

“[The] Ahmadiyah have apologized [for the incident] because no one told the [villagers] about the visit from the foreign journalists that triggered the conflict,” Agus said. “They don’t want to be blamed because the journalists — three Dutch journalists and one from Britain — came on their own will. They were not [invited] by the Ahmadiyah people.”

One honestly has to wonder if Agus is sleeping soundly tonight, because the Ahmadi who ‘apologised’ has now spoken up on how the keystone cops even dictated what he had to write!

Mubarik Ahmad previously told the Jakarta Globe that police pressured him to write the apology, telling the Ahmadi man what it should say.  “I have no experience in writing such things. The district police chief and military commander told me what I had to write, that it was my fault for not reporting the foreign journalists to the subdistrict head,” Mubarik said on Sunday.
Officers allegedly told Mubarik that they were “short on time” and that he needed to sign the document.

“Based on their instructions I also wrote that we will never allow reporters to enter the village without permission from the subdistrict head,” Mubarik added.

Freedom of the press! Hogwash!

Cover up the oppression!

And in case you don’t choose to believe Mubarik, here’s one of the Dutch journalists.

Michiel Maas, a long-time Indonesia correspondent for Dutch TV Station NOS and De Volkskrant, said that the two other people with him were Dutch tourists, not reporters.
He also denied interviewing anyone outside Cisalada village. 
“We have not interviewed anyone outside the village,” Maas told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday.

Bit of a different tale from that told by Bogor Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Hery Santoso. He claimed that Maas incited the violence by interviewing people in neighboring Kebon Kopi village.

Huh? Even if Santoso is telling the truth as he sees it, Maas was asking people’s opinions – and that’s ‘incitement?”

Read the whole story on this link http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/indonesian-police-decline-to-name-suspects-in-latest-ahmadiyah-attack/530821

It’s hard not to detest the primitives who did the dirty work, so I won’t bother trying.

But there are worse specimens.

But first…please remember, the Ahmadis don’t attack their neighbours.

They don’t burn down other people’s homes, or their places of worship, or their Korans.


Ahmadi Koran, Burned by Blasphemous Islamist Savages


It’s those Islamist savages who are the guilty party – for last week’s attacks.

But who gives them their guidance in matters spiritual?

Who inculcates the violence into their souls?

Who sets the examples they follow?

And another thing…

Who let those villagers off last time, suspended sentences for an even worse mob assault on the same harmless community?

That rotten judiciary  has a lot to answer for, giving the rabble the idea that no consequences will befall them for their heinous antics.

An idea that turned out to be absolutely true.