Jew-Hating IslamoNazis Vandalise Bandung Store!


Catch the latest anti-Semitic outburst from the IslamoNazis here! 16/7 reports how the FPI spotted a sign whilst zooming around Bandung. It bore the symbol of a local ‘Metal/Goth’ store called Prapatan Rebels but the FPI decided it was that of infidels who should be destroyed. provides an eye-witness account from an employee of the store.

‘There were about 50 people. Only a dozen did the damage, the others watching. There were shouts, “Who’s store is this? Symbols of  the devil, Jews, Israel!” They dragged down the banners at the top of the shop and the one below too, then vandalised them.’


= again – The action began when about 30 FPI protesters were demonstrating at the Bandung City Legislature.
“We crossed Jalan Dewi Sartika, we saw a banner with the symbol of the devil which we think is also a symbol of paganism –  a Jew symbol! So we immediately hauled it down and tore it.

Those were the words of the FPI’s Bandung Gauleiter, Soirin Ahmad Abdullah. whom we had cause to mention in our story only a few days ago, when he was spewing out defiance at the local cops’ ‘request’ that his goons don’t raid food-stalls during Ramadan.   

And now he’s back!

“This is evil. We are ready,” said Soirin, obviously serious about squaring up to the Jews!.

This self-righteous creep is always ready –  to cause trouble! Check out the aggro on another previous post, last December, here.


Further to this occasion, he urged the City Government to curb banners featuring similar images and asked relevant agencies to permit selective installation of banners in public .

  • Dede Yusuf
  • The Deputy Governor of West Java commented that he hoped this wouldn’t happen again. ‘If you want to take down banners, talk about it first and do it nicely,’ said Dep-Gov Dede Yusuf, who said that, like Lady Gaga, it was just a matter of different perceptions.

It’s the sheer strutting arrogance of these FPI freakos that bugs me. And the authorities who suggest they should just ‘play nice’ leave me speechless.They should be  arrested and jailed!

But anything that upsets the nazis can be vandalised with impunity it seems.

Yet in our post earlier this week, we showed one of the signs Soirin’s louts had designed to protest their hatred of the lovely Julia Perez, and that was much more offensive than anything the local kaffirs, satanists, or agents of ‘International Jewry’ could come up with.

PS    I’ve checked out the store’s Facebook page and, for my part, wouldn’t be seen dead in any of their t-shirts etc.

But lots of rebellious kids like such things, and no doubt wouldn’t be seen dead in the shirt and tie I wear at work most days.

It’s a matter of taste. Personal choice, a concept alien to the IslamoNazis.