Indonesia – Ramadan Begins, Islamist Oppression of Christians Continues

Under the hot sun, Persecuted Christians Pray for Freedom of Religion.
================================================== just reported that hundreds of Christians were again forced to conduct their Sunday worship on the street in downtown Jakarta.

  • Jemaat GKI Yasmin Bogor dan HKBP Filadelfia Bekasi beribadah di depan Istana Merdeka Jakarta Timur, Minggu (22/7)
  • The GKI Yasmin Protestant congregation held their service at Monas Square, outside the Presidential Palace, a pointed reminder that the Head of State has not seen fit to force Bogor’s bigot Mayor Diani to obey the Supreme Court ruling which decreed they have the right to worship in their own church in his benighted city.

Diani, with the complicity of West Java Police, has kept them out of their church for several years already, and sectarian thugs from the FORKAMI  and GARIS gangs have been allowed to block the Protestants when they tried to gain access. The President has failed to order police to enforce the law, despite the findings of his own State Ombudsman that the Yasmin congregation is totally in the right.

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Yasmin spokesman, Bona Sigalingging, asked that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono open his eyes and take action to stop Diani preventing worship in the church. The Government should stop the intolerant groups and end the discrimination against Yasmin.

Ramadan, remember, is the season of compassion and forgiveness.