Bandung Booze – Cops Deny Knuckling Under to IslamoNazis!

Last week, 19th July. gave us a strange story, about an official police denial of kow-towing to the IslamoNazi FPI in Bandung.

At National Police HQ in Jakarta, their spokesman, PR chief Agus Riyanto denied the cops had bowed down to the fanatic thug group, and let them ransack a liquor warehouse in the Andir area of Bandung on Thursday (19/7).


Police HQ


“It is impossible we did this, because that would be a violation of the law,” he said.
Even so, Agus could not explain how a police officer stayed silent while being pushed around by white-shirt vigilantes.

According to Agus, it was still under investigation. He confirmed they would take stern action against those who have violated the law.

  • As reported, five uniformed and plainclothes police officers from the Police Sector Andir FPI were shoved aside. The officers could do little about it and just let the Laskar FPI Bandung Raya break into the warehouse.

A policeman in uniform stood idly by as FPI entered. “You get lost. I’m not scared of the police,” an IslamoNazi was heard to say.

And then we read the words of Soirin, Gauleiter, FPI Bandung, telling us that their action was taken since the they’d already warned the warehouse owner not to  sell alcohol.  FPI had also reported the warehouse to the local police.

Apparently it took an hour after the FPI sealed the place before dozens of other police officers arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, hundreds of bottles of alcohol still stored in boxes were directly transported by the police for safekeeping in their Bandung offices.


A very odd tale, and all the odder in that despite scanning the local media on the internet, there’s no update!

Have I missed it? Can any Indonesian readers bring us up to date with what has happened since?

Mind you, I did notice on Metro TV’s news on Sunday that the Bandung Police were out and about raiding stalls that were allegedly selling booze of various kinds on Saturday night ‘with the help of the FPI.’

‘Kiss and make up’ time?

And here we were just days ago reading that senior police had inisited that ONLY cops had the right to conduct raids. Did Bandung not get the message, or are the IslamoNazis so powerful in West Java that they simply cannot be gainsaid?