Luna Maya, Cut Tari, Face Fresh IslamoNazi Threat


Pop singer Ariel’s release today, after an indefensible two years in prison, was preceded by a display of unpleasant spite by the FPI.

The IslamoNazis are out to get the two beautiful women whose liaisons with the Peter Pan pop band star led to his arrest and trial.

RRA has covered the story of the abuse of the Pornography Act which occurred three years ago but a quick look at our link will explain things to new readers.

Ariel’s only ‘crime’ was his folly in recording his dalliance with the ladies. He of course didn’t circulate the videos, but was nevertheless charged and jailed for doing so.

Imbecilic Islamists howled for blood, and that link suggests their rabid howls played a part in the stupid verdict and and equally irrational sentence.

But now that Ariel’s done his time, the lunatic fanatics are demanding the girls be arraigned as well.

‘FPI have requested National Police HQ to take Luna dan Cut into custody..

Cut Tary

Now that Ariel is out, we want the police to settle the porno video case – don’t let Luna Maya and Cut Tary off,” said Habib Salim Alatas. (20/7).

As RRA regulars know, he’s the FPI Gauleiter of Jakarta, a nasty creature indeed. “It’s their turn to face trial.” 

The journos naturally asked what would happen if the police, unusually, failed to heed HMV/FPI.

“We’ll have to see if the police sort the case out,” replied the white-shirt storm-troop leader.

You’d think these sticky-beak swine would have enough to do with disturbing honest folk who don’t observe Ramadan. I rather think they’ll postpone hounding pretty celebs till fasting’s done.