Top Cop’s Shocker On Persecuted Ahmadis.

I really have to post something on the extraordinary declaration by Indonesia’s National Police Chief, Timor Pradopo, last week, speaking after the Islamist savages in Cisalada, West Java, had once again attacked their Ahmadi neighbours. reported on 17th July, on how Pradopo ‘requested that the Ahmadiyah open up to others to avoid suspicion, continually leading to conflict.’

That in itself is a pretty shocking thing to say, considering that all the actual conflict, including wreckage of homes and houses of worship, assault, arson and murder most foul, have originated not from the Ahmadis but with those who hate them purely for the way they worship God.

“Ahmadiyah itself has to be open to other communities…,” says the nation’s top cop, but the assault on their village was not ‘provoked’ by any desire by those Ahmadis to seclude themselves but their readiness to open up to some foreign journalists about the realities of their lives here.
The primtive hooligans from the next-door kampung were so incensed at this that they arrived mob-handed and started stoning the Ahmadis.
Those Islamist neanderthals may be out in the boonies, but they cannot be unaware of the international obloquy their previous thuggery attracted.
True, they haven’t yet descended to the level of the Cikeusik Pogrom, but it’s hardly for want of trying.
Less than two years ago they burned down the Ahmadi mosque there, and the sicko court that tried those responsible declined to jail a single one of the malignants. One Ahmadi was imprisoned, however, for resisting the assault on his community.
So truly, Timor Pradopo is talking tommy-rot.
RRA has shown you pictures of him taking tea with the IslamoNazi FPI, and of his cheery, grinning handshake with that foul fanatic gauleiter of Bekasi FPI, Barda. I’m not sure if that photo was taken before or after Barda did all too brief time for inciting the affray which left one lady pastor clubbed and a church elder stabbed.
But before or after, no matter!  A serious professional police officer has to come face to face with filth from time to time, but shaking evil by the hand? Too much!
As for the victims ‘opening up‘ to their persecutors, the report in the  Jakarta Post, last Friday, July 20, could hardly be more apposite.

Another sad Ramadhan : Ahmadi refugees sit in front of the Wisma Transito transmigration center on Friday. Like other Muslims across the country, Ahmadis will start their monthly fast on Saturday. (JP/Panca Nugraha)


The JP story brings us up to date with the  140 Ahmadis in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

…they are still living in a refugee camp after being evicted from their homes seven years ago. Wisma Transito transmigration center has been their home since Feb. 4, 2006 when hundreds of local residents ousted them because of their “deviant” Islamic beliefs.

The central government once allocated social aid for the refugees, but this stopped in 2008.

According to the Ahmadis, the government has neglected their civil rights, including issuing them with identity cards. Twenty babies that were born at the camp during the last seven years have yet to receive their birth certificates.

Without identity cards and birth certificates, the Ahmadis cannot access any health care or education facilities from the government.


This inhumanity is monstrous at any time, but during this current ‘holy month,’ when Muslims go around exchanging requests for forgiveness of any wrongs they’ve done, ‘Mohon ma’af, lahir dan batin,’ there’s something especially sickenng about seeing innocent people turned into refugees in their own country.

Ignorant and barbarous bigots drove them from their homes (with a hundred or more of Pradopo’s cops standing idly by) and the lousy Lombok local authorities keep them in squalour, again through the innately cruel fanaticism in which so many of these authorities are steeped.

The refugees still live in small rooms, separated from each other with only a piece of cloth or other device. A public kitchen located between the two buildings seems to get dirtier by the day while its ceiling starts to crumble.However, the excitement appeared as the Ahmadis prepared for their Friday prayer.
The neatly dressed children waited for their parents near the small mosque. Almost all adults, both men and women, performed the prayer…happiness may spark among the children, but their parents have other things to worry about…..Retail grade Kerosene is being sold at Rp 9,000 (US$1), which is more expensive than kerosene for industrial purposes, which is sold at Rp 7,500…

The refugees could only rely on kerosene, as the government did not provide them with any subsidies for liquid gas (LPG). State oil gas firm PT Pertamina distributed 3kg of LPG to local residents, but they did not receive this, as the Ahmadis are not registered as members of the village.

It gets to the point. when writing these reports, that I run out of vocabulary ferocious enough to reflect the rage. These people have never hurt a soul!


  • SBY
  • And Pradopo knows all about it, as does President SBY, who told the diplomats assembled in his hall a month or more ago that there was nothing discriminatory about how his Government was handling the Ahmadi ‘problem.’

In truth, there is no Ahmadi problem. They just worship in their own inoffensive way and try to keep body and soul together.

The problem is the utter lack of religious tolerance, the hatred and violence which emanates solely from non-Ahmadis who delight in making their lives miserable, driving them into that seclusion for which Police Chief Pradopo now castigates them.