A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!!

Credit where credit is due!


  •   Tarek Fatah, A Good Canadian – and a Muslim!
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  • I welcome and applaud a Muslim Canadian voice whose common-sense should reverberate around the corridors of power in Ottawa.

Last week Tarek Fatah spoke on the same platform as the admirable Ezra Levant in Toronto.And here’s some of what he said.

He’d have Omar Khadr to dine in his home!


Khadr the Cold-Blooded Killer


“My home was ready,” Fatah continued. “My wife was a little upset with me.” A chuckle rose over the crowd of about 250. But Fatah, who said that he believed even the most evil men could find good inside them, had a few preconditions for his potential supper guest. “First of all, he must renounce jihad and the application of jihad and sharia law. Secondly, he must renounce his father’s work in jihad.”




Especially Tarek’s recognition of the fundamentally uncivilised essence of shariah law.

Repudiation of that primitive code should be a requirement for anyone wishing to enter Canada.

Apart from anything else, its anti-women provisions are repugnant.  Normal Canadians LIKE women, and do not accept drivel about head-scarves being appropriate for females but not for males, or that men can walk about in shorts and singlets on a hot day but women can’t. It’s just offensive!

No civilised country should put up with the sort of hogwash we hear from backward fanatics here in Jakarta, such as the MUI, the FPI and that inimitable man the Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali.




“We think that there should be general criteria [on how women should dress], for example women’s skirts should pass their knees,” Suryadharma said …
Suryadharma admitted definition of pornography could be subjective, but added, “There must a universal measure for that.” Jakarta Globe 28/3/12


Happily for mankind, the Hizbut Tahrir aim of a Global Caliphate has not yet come to pass. It would be a new Dark Age, and thanks be that there are plenty of peole of ALL religions who will never accept such perncious nonsense.