‘Gays’ Gouge Christians, Courtesy of BC ‘Rights’ Tribunal

A disgusting story of two queers who made a small fortune by dragging a respectable Canadian couple before one of those gestapoid tribunals in British Columbia.

Nobody in their right mind would feel comfortable having a pair of perverts under their roof, and all the more so if you happen to be a practising Christian, as is the case with Les and Susan Molnar. They are devout Mennonites, who ran a modest bed and breakfast in the town of Grand Forks, but wouldn’t rent rooms to just anyone.

Thus when they discovered belatedly that Brian Thomas and Shaun Eadie were homosexuals. they politely advised the men that their religious faith forbade them accepting their booking.

“To allow a gay couple to share a bed in my Christian home would violate my Christian beliefs and would cause me and my wife great distress,” Lee later told the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

Shaun Eadie and Brian Thomas


Given the level of public decency in Canada today, it would probably have been quite easy for the disappointed deviants to find alternative accommodation, but they decided they could not respect Christians with a conscience and took the B and B owners to court.

Not a real court, but one of those appalling tribunals run by leftists, and of course in modern Canada the outcome was never in doubt. 


This woman should be ostracised by decent Canadians


Commissar Enid Marion (above) sat in judgement on the Christians and has now decreed that no more nonsense about Christianity may inform their decisions. They are to “cease and desist the discriminatory conduct!” 

Tough luck, Comrade – they pre-empted your diktat!

Their little business closed down nearly three years ago, precisely because of the stress imposed on the Molnars by the persecution they faced for practising their religious principles.

MPs in Ottawa recently voted to get rid of the absurd ‘hate speech’ section of the absurd Human Rights Act, but clearly there is a lot of reform still needed, for Marion invoked section 8 of the B.C. Human Rights Code, under which citizens can be punished if they “deny to a person or class of persons any accommodation” on grounds of “sexual orientation.” In other words, ‘sodomites always welcome.’

It was to prevent this kind of nonsense that Canada’s Parliament, back when Turdeau was pushing his horrid Charter, voted specifically to exclude queers from the scope of its provisions.

But the Supreme Court, as is its wont, usurped the legislature’s powers and over-ruled Canada’s elected representatives.


Harper should roll that back. But that’s another story.

Okay, you can say if that’s the law, vile in content and purpose though it is, Marion had to rule the way she did.

But she had NO obligation to exact $1,500 from her victims, not once but twice, to soothe the perverts’ “dignity, feelings and self-respect.” 

AND they got another $1500 between them for out of pocket expenses, fares to the hearing, etc.

One despises the plaintiff pair, but much more despicable is that pinko vixen. Imagine ordering such punitive damages when nothing was done to the two homos except make them ring round a few more guest-houses.

In a sound society, she’d get what Captain Boycott got, the silent contempt of all her fellow-citizens.

But Canada today…?