Bukan Raja Dangdut Tapi Bayi Gendut! Kenapa Rhoma Tidak Nangis Waktu 3 Ahmadi Dibunuh?


What a pitiful sight!


Rhoma Irama made a complete spectacle of himself today, snivelling like a big fat baby as he faced examination for his sectarian rant against the Christian candidate for Vice-Governor of Jakarta, Ahok.

  • The King of Dangdut was in tears on Monday as he explained why he asked Jakarta residents to vote for a Muslim leader.  

“I was only reciting An-Nisa Surah verse 144, in which God says firmly that the faithful are banned from voting for a kafir [infidel] as their leader,” Rhoma Irama said in a press conference before being questioned by the Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu Jakarta). 
“Muslims who vote for a non-Muslim leader become an enemy of God,” he added.  Jakarta Globe, 6/8

  • What I’d like to know is if he shed a single tear for the three Ahmadis brutally clubbed to death on February 6th 2011, martyred by Islamist primitives?
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  • One of 3 Ahmadi Martyrs, 2011
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  • I doubt it. He has often called for the denial of religious liberty to Ahmadiyah. He wants them banned!

Did he weep when the FPI dragged his religion’s name through the mud of the Monas Riot in 2008?


Victim of Islamist Hoodlums at Monas


I doubt it.

In fact, maybe I can ask if anybody else remembers who showed up at the trial of the Islamonazi Fuhrer to offer moral support.


  • Irama ‘Muslims need the FPI!’


I like dangdut music. I think Irama sings well.

But his latest performance has persuaded me never to attend another concert at which this cry-baby shows his self-righteous face.

Read the whole JG report here – http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/jakarta/dangdut-singer-rhoma-irama-in-tears-ahead-of-panwaslu-questioning/535829

Oya, and another reminder to Americans curious about Obama’s true faith. Given Rhoma’s quotes, just observe whom CAIR’s pro-Hamas heroes commend in November!