Oh, Yeah, Vietnam’s Okay These Days…So Say the Pinkos

The Vietnamese authorities are closely monitoring the home of the woman who self-immolated last week to protest against the imprisonment of her daughter on charges of “propaganda against the state”. Officials and security personnel monitor all those who pay homage to the family and offer their condolences for the tragic death of Dang Thi Kim Lieng, mother of Mary Ta Phong Tan, a famous dissident who is currently in jail awaiting trial and faces up to 20 years in prison .
Many activists, bloggers, faithful and supporters have made their way to the Lieng family home in recent days in Bac Lieu, to bid a final farewell, but on their way they encounter police officers and agents that block their path, or subject them to repeated interrogations.

: http://www.persecution.org/2012/08/03/vietnam-patrols-and-censors-funeral-of-christian-dissidents-mother/

I post this to refute the naive (and that’s the nice ones) who suggest that the scourge of marxism has passed into the dustbin of history. It hasn’t.

Clearly, nobody on their right mind ever expected marxist economics would work, and for the most part, countries like Vietnam and Red China have given up on such nonsense.

But the evil police state apparatus which is the other major ingredient of communism is alive and well, as we often remind readers in the case of the Cuban tyranny.

  • So too in Vietnam.

  • Jane Fonda knew all this when she ranted for the triumph of despotism, and it does no harm to remind her too – and all the other sicko celebs, who egg on the torturers in red dungeons with their mindless endorsement of the dictators who employ them.
  • Only when the party itself is ousted can these enslaved peoples hope for real freedom.