Great Stuff, Greece! Crimmigrants Corralled, Due for the Boot!

Great news from Athens, where the Jakarta Post,  August 6th, reports that Greek police say they have detained some 6,000 people in Athens on suspicion that they have entered the country illegally and will deport more than 1,600 of them to their home countries.

That’s the sort of news that should be coming out of every capital city in the West – and the Antipodes!

Police said Monday that those arrested and awaiting deportation have been sent to temporary detention centers. The rest were freed. Some 4,500 police took part in the weekend roundups.

Odd- why release them? If they’re suspected illegals, they should be locked up. However…maybe there’s a shortage of cells. At least they’ve not adopted the sloppy tactics used here in Indonesia, of lodging the creeps in hotels!

But the final paragraph has a distinctly mainstream media distortion flavour, that whiff of ‘the truth that dare not be expressed.’



Debt-crippled Greece is Europe’s main entry point for illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa, who are seeking a better life in the West. Some 100,000 are estimated to slip into Greece every year, mostly from neighboring Turkey, and the influx has coincided with a spike in crime.

Okay, handy they acknowledge the parasites are not in any sense seeking ‘asylum,’ but are just economic migrants, ‘seeking a better life,


‘Coincided? Not the CAUSE of crime-waves?

C’mon, journos – we all know what kind of  undesirables are flooding in.

Just take a look at the ingrates’ riots and arson in Oz detention centres. Theyre unfit to be citizens of ANY civilised country!

But Greeks beware.

Your Government is still very much under the EUSSR thumb. That multicult addict Malmstrom will be doing her evil best to subvert the best efforts of your police.



Brussels DETESTS any endeavour by its subject countries to resist the parasite influx.