Sarwo Edhie Deserves More Honour Than D.N. Aidit

I had been contemplating a post on a particularly self-serving article by a pinko Yank journo, all about currying favour with President SBY and how the poor Reds got roughly handled in 1965.

I wonder what said Pinko Yank will make of this.


Sarwo was commander of the Army’s Para-Commando Regiment (RPKAD), now the Army’s special forces unit Kopassus, from 1965-67. He helped eradicate the Communist Party (PKI) movement, which was largely deemed responsible for the failed 1965 coup attempt. Jakarta Globe 8/8


The late Gen. Sarwo Edhie Wibowo. (Photo Reproduction)


Sarwo Edhie was SBY’s father-in-law, who took out a lot of commies back then. It’ll be hard for the Prez to play ‘kiss and make up’ with the remaining reds if his Democrat Party succeeds in getting Sarwo Edhie declared a ‘national hero!’

Which is what they aim to do!

Not my problem. Thing is, the PKI survivors are often totally unrepentant – they espoused an evil ideology and toiled to enslave their fellow-citizens, so honestly deserve no apologies.

A lot of them shifted their treacherous butts to totalitarian tyrannies during the Suharto years, refuge with similar marxist swine, and never raised a peep of protest as workers and peasants were oppressed by their think-alikes.


Some even wallowed in the hospitality of North Korea, that hellish despotism favoured by their unlamented leader, D. N. Aidit!

So apology to PKI, honour for Sarwo, up to you, SBY, nobody gives a monkey’s!

Except those chattering gibbons who work in the media and such-like havens, far from the poverty and misery that afflicts so many millions of Indonesians.