Crimmigrant Hordes En Route for Oz!


Jakarta Globe yesterday carried a warning for Australians – the parasitic scourge AKA ‘asylum-seekers’ has increased in advance of this week’s D-Day on how best to stop the flood of bludgers, the report of that panel in Canberra. But are they offering a cure for the the crimmigrant cancer, or will it be just another cop-out?

Extract from The Australian 14/8 tells us the panel has proposed a series of changes to remove incentives for refugees to seek the services of people-smugglers, including a guarantee that people who arrived on boats would have to wait as long for the claims to be processed as any other would-be refugee, including people who had waited years in African refugee camps.

  • Well, that’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick, I suppose. But wait!
  • He also proposed the nation increase its humanitarian refugee intake from 13,750 to 20,000 and aim to lift it to 27,000 within five years as part of an integrated set of measures he said would, over time, end people-smuggling. The changes would cost $1 billion a year – less than the $5bn expected to be spent over the next four years.
  • ONE BILLION DOLLARS! Think of all the real Australian NEEDS that could be met! Instead it gets splurged on bringing in MORE crimmigrants whom Oz emphatically does NOT need!

Back to the JG

A boat carrying 60 asylum seekers, the third in two days, arrived on Sunday in Australia, as the government said people-smugglers were running a “closing down sale” before parliament meets this week.


Arrived? If Australia lets them arrive, they’ll keep coming! Has nobody learned that elementary lesson yet?
Well, yes, the Australian people have, witness the recent survey that wants ALL immigration halted; tough on the honest would-be migrant who faces hostility because of that anti-social queue-jumping rabble. But the wisdom of the common people has yet to percolate upwards into the political establishment.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the current political impasse over asylum seekers had prompted the rush of boats making their way to Australia, and he hoped parliament could resolve the issue after it resumes on Tuesday.
“What we’re seeing is people smugglers working out what the Australian people worked out a long time ago, that the parliament needs to resolve this,” Bowen told ABC television.

How trite. 

Parliament has had every opportunity to ‘resolve’ it. All that’s needed is a simple one-line bill derogating from the idiotic ‘conventions’ that the illegals use as their free pass to Aussie welfare benefits.

But the left-over dross from the Malcolm Fraser era, in the Coalition, and the left-libs who now run Labor, are in cahoots with those ghastly Greens to continue cosseting unwanted and unwelcome wasters.




  • “They are trying to get in, in front of the parliament, and they’re running, if you like, a closing down sale because they know offshore processing is a proper deterrent.”

Off shore processing would be a deterrent if it were permanent offshore placement. Plenty of rocky islets around the huge coastline suitable for penning the parasites up till they’re ready to clear off somewhere else. Or go home, like all those poor persecuted Tamil ‘asylum-seekers’ who got Canadian residence then swanned off back to Sri Lanka for vacations!.

Meanwhile, instead of turning the crimmigrant cargos back, the Australian navy also rescued more than 200 people from a suspected asylum seeker vessel in Indonesia search and rescue waters last week.

That’s insane. The duty to take those crims on board was Indonesia’s!  No wonder, as Bowen puts it,  the Australian people have had a gutful of this and they want it sorted.”

  • =
  • The JG report reminds us that all those pinkos who shrill and shrill to keep the gates wide open have a heck of a lot of blood on their hands.  Some 300 asylum-seekers have died en route to Australia in the last seven months.

They died because they thought the trip was worth the effort, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, no need to take their turn with everyone else aiming for Oz, just set sail and rely on those Un-Australian oiks who chorus perennial pleas on their behalf, an affront to democracy, thwarting the demands of decent Australians to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!


PS Absolutely BRILLIANT dissection of the latest developments by Bolt – read it carefully, and draw your own conclusions!